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Integration Services

With Thaumatec’s integration service we identify, integrate and coordinate interface points between  different technological areas and bring together components into a complete, functional, tested and operating solution. Specifically we deliver the integration service across all relevant Internet of Things area’s, from embedded hardware/software, wireless communication technologies, M2M platforms and applications.

Thaumatec Integaration Services enables organizations to adopt emerging technologies. Integrate  embedded hardware/software, wireless communication technologies, M2M platforms and enterprice applications with new social and mobile channels for addressing, differentiating and innovative initiatives.

We help the agile organisation navigate the technical, risk and commercial aspects of using solutions in the Internet of Things. Specifically we deliver:

  • End-to-end Cloud Integration Services;
  • Enterprise Architecture Integration support;
  • Advice and guidance on the integration of IoT applications and M2M-platfroms
  • Cross-platform reconciliation
  • System integration, verification and validation

We cover the whole spectrum of the IoT challenges with expertise in connected embedded systems and enterprise resource planning systems.