Meet Thaumatec during Cloudfest in Germany!

Finally, Microsoft Cloudfest at Rust is just around the corner, meaning its next week and Thaumatec for sure will be attending such event. For a third year Cloudfest, takes place in different location but same objective; have fun while solving real life problems. Thaumatec in the other hand is excited in building further our expertise in the IoT and embedded capabilities and extent it with MS Azure IoT and cloud application modernization. After all there exists a broad market in those areas and great advances that can simplify many day to day tasks and few know about it, luckily Thaumatec can help you.

Cloudfest is the place to be next week, especially because Thaumatec will be there learning new ways to improve what we already know so well, embedded and IoT skills. However, our services on Azure IoT and cloud modernization are for data driven companies who embrace digital transformation; meaning everything is controlled by a cloud, monitored and even automated. Automation is just one of the qualities that Azure IoT and cloud modernization have, this also includes connectivity, 2-way communication and everything being handled from one place, the cloud.

Thaumatec’s visit to Cloudfest will help us comprehend more complex problems about Azure IoT and cloud modernization and will also give us a broader perspective about other areas such as universal acceptance, manage services and controlling data, enabling Big-data, machine learning and many more. Come and join the fun but most of all, let us talk about posibilities of MS Azure!