Why can’t we wait for Embedded World Nuremberg 2019?

Embedded World 2019

Each year our calendar is full of events, sometimes we have a problem to visit all of them. But there is one, that has a special place in our hearts (and brains) – Nuremberg. While the whole world is following the big events like CES in Las Vegas, we can’t wait to visit the lovely Nuremberg especially, the beautiful old city centre.

We are not travelling so far just for sightseeing. Relatively small Nuremberg is famous for connecting the past with the future, with hundreds of high-tech companies, startups, research institutes and universities. That’s why it looks like a perfect home for Embedded World – one of the biggest events for a growing embedded community.

Ok, but what is so special about Embedded World?

Being a part of the Embedded World in Nuremberg gives us the opportunity to meet people focused on embedded technologies. We were surprised last year, when the event was even larger than before – with more trade visitors (32,217 people from 77 countries – 40% of all visitors were international guests, mainly from the European Union but also from the rest of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania as well as America). There were over 1000 exhibitors showing their state-of-the-art products, occupying six exhibition halls! 95% of the exhibitors declare that they reached their most important target groups during the embedded world.

During the event we had a unique experience to work, discuss and learn from the smartest people in the whole industry – we are happy that some of them are already our partners. It has a huge influence on our everyday work, giving us a chance to work with cutting-edge technologies.

It’s not just a place to collect non-valuable flyers but it is also perfect to learn about the latest solutions, watch how products come to life and most important grow our networking contacts.

(BTW, why don’t we grab a coffee there?)

A wide range of products
The event will consist of four parts:

System software
During the event everyone can find something interesting for him – doesn’t matter if you are a developer or tech engineer. Embedded World is full of parts, modules, whole hardware systems as well as software and tools, showing you the latest trends in the industry.

Everything is concentrated on embedded technology, so if you were looking for a product for your company, a new developer or wanted to order new construction elements, it is there, like the palm of your hands.

A look to the future
Being a part of Embedded World gives us a chance to see what our next steps should be. It’s a great opportunity to get inspired and have some vision for the embedded market in the future.

Supporting innovation is one of the main goals of the event organizers and each year three awards are being granted to the participative companies.

It’s not the end
To understand how important in the embedded world is…Embedded World – you simply have to be there.

So…Nuremberg, we can’t wait to meet you. Again!

(If you are in this lovely city during Embedded World – let’s meet!)