Ignite 2019 Reveals new Azure Synapse

Once again Microsoft does it again, just yesterday they revealed a “brand-new limitless analytics” called Azure Synapse. The grand revelation took place at Ignite 2019. However, the real question is what does this brand new Azure Synapse do?  As Microsoft would say, “Azure Synapse brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data Analytics”. Nevertheless, organizations can use their data quickly, by pulling together insights from all data sources, data warehouses, and big data analytics systems.

Pros of Azure Synapse

1. Azure Synapse Analytics makes building and operating analytics solutions a simple, intuitive and no-code experience.

2. It empowers users to analyze data quickly while bringing high performance and unmatched scale.

3. Project timelines can be measured in hours not months.

4. Enabling Power BI and Azure machine learning is simpler.

5. It provides a unified workspace for data preparation, data management, data warehousing, big data, and Artificial Intelligent tasks.

Feel no Fear

However, you might feel worried about how your business will adapt to this new technology? Feel no fear, your business can continue running with its current data workloads in production today with Azure Synapse and will automatically benefit from the new capabilities. Azure Synapse is all about putting in the information a lot faster, productively and securely. Pulling together insights from all data sources, data warehouses, and big data analytics systems. Integration is a must!

What Lies for The Future

Azure Synapse is breaking boundaries, they want to make data accessible, usable and actionable to organizations, furthermore, they want to make professionals deliver that information as swiftly as possible on a large scale.

Last Words

In the world we live today, the role of IT and developers is becoming increasingly important, however, here at Thaumatec, we are up-to-date in new revelations and technologies so we can deliver them to you. After all, we make the future matter and connect to you.