Kurt Neubauer is joining Thaumatec as Technology Network and Sales Operations Manager

Kurt Neubauer is joining Thaumatec as a Sales Operations Manager responsible for DACH market

Communication is one of the key values for our company – both in relationship with customers and employees. We enhance our success in the DACH market, and we are happy to announce that Kurt Neubauer is joining Thaumatec in the position of Technology Network and Sales Operations Manager.

Kurt has a huge experience in many areas – SW development, R&D line management, project management, sales, and marketing. In the past years he was working for many software and hardware development companies like Siemens Austria, Siemens Poland, Nokia, REC, GlobalLogic and managing big sales accounts as Gemalto M2M, NXP and Nokia. 

Kurt has comprehensive project management and project development skills – from first customer contact through piloting and development of the project. He was also involved in innovation and cooperation projects with the University in Wroclaw & Cryptologic department.

In our company, he will be responsible for:

  • technology network management – This position was established to create a global network to connect and share our experience with other technology companies in SW and HW Services, Producers, and as well other domains;
  • sales operations – This function has a large focus on technology and experience with a proper technical content creation and based on this with the alignment of marketing and business development;

We could not miss the opportunity to ask Kurt a few important questions about the software and hardware development in the DACH market!

1) What are the biggest challenges of software and hardware development in this area?

DACH market represents Germany, Austria and Switzerland which are similar in language and geography but somehow different in mentality and business behavior. There are many KMUs which still like to have all engineers on site and do not trust companies from abroad.

We must convince them and create trust in our excellent engineering skills, the best with inviting them to meet and discuss on current technology trends and evolution.

2) What is your biggest challenge / advantage of joining Thaumatec?

Joining the company during Covid times can be challenging for everyone and for sure will influence comprehensive team building, but luckily, I know many of the guys since a long time, which will help a lot in this case. I am extremely excited that I will have the opportunity to work with a high-skilled team and of course to support them in delivering challenging projects.

3) How can Thaumatec fit the needs of DACH-located companies?

The Thaumatec portfolio in Technology research, HW/SW prototyping and product development is an asset which we must foster, explain, and show. This will create trust and help to advertise capabilities in the suitable competence areas which are needed. I am sure that as a company we can fit every need of DACH- and as well global companies.