Positive changes in Thaumatec – Check out what’s new!

1) New office
2017 was an amazing year for us – full of new customers, new employees and new amazing challenges. Because of our rocket growth, our outstanding office started to be too small for us. That’s why we decided to open another office in Wroclaw, really close to the previous one but in totally different style. We moved there some of our teams and they immediately started to call it “Paris” – when you will look at pictures, definitely you will know why! So from now, when you decide to work in Thaumatec, you will have a choice to work in our park villa or…in Paris!

2) New website
After few months of work, finally, we can show you our new website. For a long time, we had the feeling that our previous website doesn’t present what kind of company we really are. That’s why we prepared new one – modern, clean and very personalized. Now you can find there a lot more information about everyday life in our company.

3) New positions
Our new website and new office are great possibilities to open new positions. If you are interested in changing your life in 2018, why not to start from changing your job? Currently, we are looking for a wide range of professionals – DevOps, Embedded Software Testers and Developers etc. You can find all of them here.

We hope that next year, will be also as exciting as previous one and because it’s probably our last update we want to wish you exactly the same – more exciting projects, thousands lines of clean code and new interesting gadgets every day!