Thaumatec Partners with EUVIC GmbH

Can it get any better? With the first really sunny day of spring in Wroclaw, our garden can not only be used for relaxing and having a cup of coffee in the sun, but also for signing important documents. It is of great pleasure to announce our strategic partnership with the Austrian company EUVIC GmbH. The partnership between EUVIC GmbH and Thaumatec will strengthen the presence of Thaumatec’s expertise and services throughout the DACH Market; Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Today technology is not the limiting factor for innovation and new successful business models. It is the speed at which you can mobilize this know how and the capacity to capture the possibilities of the new technologies. Companies will never be able to do that alone, they need experienced partners for that. Therefore, partnerships are more vital than ever and that’s why we are proud to be working with EUVIC GmbH. EUVIC GmbH, besides having expertise in working with the DACH Market on Iot, Embedded Software & AI, they also represent several partners in business development, contracting support, project set up and program management. They foster cutting edge technology and together with other partners they innovate the best solutions possible, that’s why Thaumatec is in the best hands.

Innovativeness and creativeness are values that Thaumatec stands out for, that’s why we strongly believe that partnering with EUVIC GmbH will bring together high-calibre employees. Our superior level of service at every stage matched with EUVIC Gmbh, will provide a wider pool of knowledge, skills and contacts. Thaumatec has always been a committed company to the success of our customers projects and businesses, their well-being is our concern and having EUVIC as our partner, will only fortify its results. Our alliances will enable us to add more value to our customers abroad faster and benefit from the know how of EUVIC GmbH of the DACH market.

As we closed the deal, signed the papers at Thaumatec’s garden while enjoying our coffee, we are proud of our partnership and expect many prosperous changes following up. After all the best time for changes is now, welcome spring but most of all Welcome Euvic GmbH to Thaumatec.