Meet Thaumatec in Berlin during one of Tech Open Air Satellite Events

Living in Wrocław, the city located on the western side of Poland, have one, very big advantage – in around three hours you can visit three, big cities – Warsaw, Prague and Berlin. For us, that means a connection to the events and networking possibilities in those business hubs. That’s why this time we decided to visit lovely Berlin!

And the reason why we are going there is Tech Open Air Satellite Event with the title “How to find a Tech-Partner for your Digital Business?”. Tech Open Air (often abbreviated as “TOA”) is an annual interdisciplinary technology festival that takes place in Berlin, started in 2012, and in short time become the most famous technology events in Europe. “The main concept behind Tech Open Air is to bring together the areas of technology, music, art, and science by providing a platform for multi-disciplinary knowledge exchange, collaboration, and development.”

During the event, we will try to find an answer to a very popular question – how to find the proper international partner in the high – tech world? How should this process look like? Which key factors are important – quality, experience or price? What’s important in cooperation with other companies?

Germany is well-known for developed IT market, but also for a shortage of IT skills. This creates an amazing opportunity to cooperate on the international level. Our host, SIBB Project LOOKOUT will present examples of such cooperation on an international level with the closest neighbour country of Berlin – Poland.

Key Takeaways of the event:
• How to distinguish “The Best Software House” from another “The Best Dev Shop” on the market?
• How to finish a project successful? Tools and workflow in project management, people running the project, technologies and processes of deployment.
• What are market specific requirements: portfolio of referrals, experience and credibility, the ways and language of communication?
Let’s meet!
And all of this with the BBQ on the rooftop with an amazing panorama over Berlin.

What: Tech Open Air Satellite Event – “How to find a Tech-Partner for your Digital Business?”
Where: H32 – Scaling Spaces (event space on the last floor), Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin
When: June 19th, 2018