Top 100 Smartest-Cities in the World: Wroclaw Ranks in #95

According to the IESE (Business School, University of Navarra) Cities in Motion Index 2019, it is reported that Wroclaw is amongst the top 100 smartest cities in the world!

We are very proud of our city’s recognition however, we are even prouder that our services and technology have made a small contribution to Wroclaw’s success. Needless to say, it wasn’t an easy task to rank Top 100 Smart-cities, there were many indicators that were considered in this rigid selection process such as; human capital, social cohesion, economy, governance, environmental, mobility and transportation, urban planning, technology, and international reach. Warsaw (#69) and Wroclaw (#95), were the only two smart-cities of Poland; London, New York, and Amsterdam ranked in the top 3 of the world according to the report.

Smart-city is quality of life and as a Thaumatician living and working in Wroclaw, we are honored to form part of such recognition. Here at Thaumatec, we make our small contribution to society by developing gateways such as Lora and/or LoraWan that have helped students from the local university to develop great ideas that have been recognized or helped as research projects for other companies. Also, our engineers have the right set of skills to develop technologies that can be used to make Wroclaw a smarter-city. After all, we have experience working at Amsterdam for the development of their Smart-City project. We proudly engage in activities that will keep on helping our lovely Wroclaw rank top 100 in the following years.

In Wrocław, most smart city projects concern transportation while taking care of the environment as well. Many creative projects throughout the years have been established such as; public bike and electric car rentals, advanced cashless payments inside trams and buses, mobile apps for payments on public transportation and more. We hope in the near future the city of Wroclaw can keep on implementing smart projects that help improve the quality of life of all its residents. Remember you can always count on Thaumatec for, delivering, creative thinking, transcending technology and what we do best; creating a future that matters and connects to all of you.

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