Lora Drone

How it all Started

Many of us are familiar with Lora Technology, especially since its getting so much attention due to its low-power, long-range operation, and relatively low cost and complexity to deploy the private network, where needed. Lora is one of the promising IoT technologies that deliver communication for areas where availability of power grid is limited or it doesn’t exist. Most of the world by now, is also familiar with drones or aerial vehicles (UAV), that operate wherever possible. Thaumatec had the pleasure to work with students from the local university of Wroclaw to develop a project for research purposes and to create better results for a company known for building drones, BZBUAS.

It’s Purpose

The goal of the project was to design a communication module dedicated to the integration with UAV for telemetry transmission and tracking. The ideal solution was to include a PoC on-board device, a device for receiving and transmitting commands and heartbeat (LoRa modems can be considered). The on-board device needed to be powered from on-board battery, use low-power LoRa transceiver and communicate with other on-board equipment for data collection and transmission. The device should be as much inter-operable as possible with solutions used nowadays mainly GSM and RF (radio frequency) modems.

We Make the Future Matter

The project was realized with the support of two companies and engineer students. BZBUAS was one of the companies that are prestigious in its area and highly skilled in building drones, the other is Thaumatec an IT company with strong expertise on Lora Technology. The merge between the companies and the students led to great research development. Thaumatec gave students the opportunity to work directly with clients and dive deeply into the world of embedded systems. Thaumatec hopes to keep on building projects accompanied by experts and researchers in different fields for bigger developments and discoveries, after all “we make the future matter and connect it to you”- Thaumatec’s slogan.


“At Thaumatec we are proud to help students and companies develop each other, especially if it’s to improve the quality of life of others.”