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In order to make sure our customers can grasp the opportunity of the Internet of Things and Data Analytics developments, we have designed the Internet of Things Business Accelerator Program. Our IoT consultants, support customers in defining their IoT use- and IoT business cases.


A lot of companies are struggling with the Internet of Things and Data Analytics developments. Questions like: what is it exactly, how can it affect my business model and how do I translate idea’s into products and services without writing a blank check to the software – and hardware development company?

To support companies in that process, Thaumatec has developed the Internet of Things Business Accelerator Program. Every step has clear deliverables and clear pricing. After every step, a company can decide if it wants to continue, adjust or stop the development.

Business Accelerator Program
Internet of Things (IoT) Bootcamp
During the IoT Bootcamp, we will apply Internet of Things and Data Analytics to your business model. The IoT Bootcamp takes 1 day and takes place in an inspiring and innovative environment. The goal of the Bootcamp is to deliver several IoT use cases and IoT business cases for your business model.
Proof of Concept | From idea to reality
Firstly, we will realize a technical Proof of Concept based on your IoT use case. This includes applying the newest technologies and integrating them to prove your idea is technically feasible.

Secondly, we will gather and analyze data and experiences to see if we can confirm your IoT business case. This includes learning and adjusting the technical set-up and testing it in a real-life business environment.
Proof of Solution | From reality to production ready
The Proof of Solution will start when the PoC phase has a successful outcome. The technical Proof of Concept will be turned into a production-ready solution. Also, everything that is necessary for building, operating and maintaining the IoT solution will be worked out. For example all contracts, licenses etc.
Build and Implementation
In this phase, we will build and implement the IoT solution. During the project realization, we apply a strong focus on Agile & Scrum methodology and practices, continuous delivery, and user experience. Our customers are continuously involved in the realization, giving feedback after every sprint. This way we make sure the end product matches the expectations.
Operation and maintenance
During the operation of the solution, we can provide different kinds of maintenance services to make sure the solution keeps running according to expectations.
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