Backend Developer with JavaScript

UoP: 10500 - 21000 | B2B: 12500 - 25000 + VAT

Backend Developer with JavaScript

Job description

In order to strengthen our Cloud applications development team, we are looking for experienced Backend developers. Our project portfolio covers the fields of Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. We deliver the solutions from chip to cloud and build gateways and cloud applications.

You will

  • Interact with Product Owners and Architects in order to facilitate the specification of projects
  • Be open to research and learn missing know-how as you go
  • Work efficiently and effectively in an Agile development team
  • Be responsible and accountable for consistency with the specification, quality, and performance
  • Ability to understand customer needs in direct communication
  • Design software solutions and create needed architecture

Must haves

  • At least 3 years of professional experience as a Backend Developer 
  • Programming language JS (Javascript/Node.js) 
  • Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS and/or Azure
  • Knowledge of databases
  • Design and develop software features based on visual mockups and user stories
  • Understanding of object-oriented design principles and practices
  • Experience with Message Broker-Based Architecture
  • Fluency with VCS versioning control systems e.g. GIT
  • Very good working knowledge of the English language (speaking and writing)
  • Focus on self-development and constant desire to improve your skills
  • Good communication skills


  • Knowledge of AWS/Azure cloud native services
  • Knowledge and practical experience with MessageQueues
  • WebAuthn
  • Gstreamer (audio video framework) knowledge
  • Knowledge of Nvidia Jetson Ecosystem (nano Xavier AGX)
  • C++ applications experience

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