The story behind

Applying new technology for smart lighting

The City of Amsterdam has been very actively engaged in the smart city development. Upgrading the streetlight management infrastructure with new technology was therefore high on the wishlist of the City.

Upgrading the streetlighting infrastructure with new technology was therefore high on the wishlist of the City. The choice of the City of Amsterdam for Thaumatec was based on the fact that Thaumatec was able to deliver a Proof of Concept within 6 weeks based on the new LoRa Technology.

The challenge

Old Infrastructure limits smart city initiative

The streetlight management network infrastructure for street lights, traffic lights and video camera’s dates from the 1960s. It is not designed for the amount of data it currently transports. Upgrading the infrastructure in a traditional manner is very expensive and impacts the traffic in the city. New cables have to be dug in and replace the old cabling. The CoA was looking how new technology could improve their business case for upgrading the infrastructure.

The solution

Wireless connection

Thaumatec build a LoRa based connector that can be integrated in the existing streetlight management infrastructure. This way the disruption is minimal and all infra can be retrofitted very fast. The connector box communicates via the KPN LoRa network with the ThingWorx platform. The platform enables the user to control the streetlights, like turning them on/ off.


“The Proof of Concept showed that an alternative infrastructure can be set up very quickly at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure. The integration of the KPN LoRa network, the IoT platform of ThingWorx and custom made hardware made it possible to disrupt traditional infrastructure solutions”