Our services for data-driven companies who embrace digital transformation with Azure IoT:

Azure IoT

To build solutions, manage services and control your data, devices and sensors with edge services.

Digital transformation to the Azure cloud model

Transform applications to the Azure cloud model. Application modernisation refactor, rearchitect and rebuild.

IoT Business Acceleration Program

We help to transform IoT-based ideas into reality of fully-working product

“Thaum” is a basic unit of magic in the Discworld saga, written by Terry Pratchett. We create magic with cutting-edge technology.

Thaumatec is a development service provider in Embedded Systems, Internet of Things System and connectivity, located in Wrocław, Poland – just 300 kilometres from Berlin, Prague and Warsaw.

We have a broad knowledge and experience with developing Embedded / IoT / connectivity solutions on every stage – from design, development, integration to testing. Our engineering team consists of experienced engineers combined with top talent university graduates. We are working with the most interesting technologies in both industries – like Azure, LoRa, LWM2M or Yocto!

It is our mission to skyrocket our customer’s business through state-of-the-art services and transparent process, based on technological innovation and commitment. We maximize our added value by establishing long-term partnerships with our customers, being at the forefront of new technological developments, creating a working environment where every employee can excel with their talents and promoting innovation together with leading universities and societies – we are partners with top-class universities like Wrocław University of Technology and Science and the most respected innovation hubs like DSP Valley from the Netherlands.

All those features taken together are giving us the possibility to compete with world-class software houses from the US or Western Europe!

Thaumatec IoT Business Accelerator Program

Smarter, connected products, besides offering greater opportunities, immense reliability and higher product utilization it also improves automated processes and best of all it reduces company costs. The Internet of Things will have a huge impact on many different branches. However, this can be a very challenging task for growing companies, who want to grasp the opportunity of the Internet of Things and take advantage of it.

That’s why in Thaumatec we developed a standard 5-step IoT Business Accelerator Program where we offer our potential customers and partners, who are not clear on how to apply IoT into their daily business but are aware of its importance. With our 5-step approach, we come to your business, create the ideal environment to help you evolve your strategy into something that can become profitable in the near future. As the Internet of Things can add value to your business model in many ways, such as optimizing your operational performance, reducing your product and service costs improving customer experience and other improve other areas as well.

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