The story behind

Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw Academic Hub and R&D company

In cooperation with researchers from Wroclaw University of Technology and Wroclaw Academic Hub, Thaumatec is working on providing LoRa network infrastructure in Wrocław and enhancing LoRa technology with useful localisation capabilities.

Thaumatec has its roots in the Academic community of Wrocław and cooperates with researchers from Wrocław University of Technology and Science. This alliance of research and technology integration skills allowed to develop a complete solution with a potential to provide low-cost localisation solution for IoT applications.

The challenge

LoRa technology - an IoT enabler

IoT applications have a great potential for improving the quality of life in smart city centres. However, connecting thousands of devices to the Internet is not an easy task. For instance, most GSM-based devices can operate on battery only a limited time, GPS localisation fails in buildings and Bluetooth has a relatively short communication range. New LPWAN radio technologies such as LoRa are ideal for connecting sensors to the Internet.

The solution

Gateways + server - location and availability

Innovative mote localisation methods that use radio signal parameters allow the offer of the LoRa infrastructure for Wrocław – a smart city. We use algorithmic and Machine Learning methods developed in cooperation with Wrocław Technical University employees to improve the localisation quality.


The deployment of LoRa infrastructure to cover the City centre has already started. Early tests confirm good coverage of  LoRa network. Providing access to LoRa network with localisation capabilities will enable a host of Smart City applications with the benefit for the people of Wroclaw.