The story behind

Applying cutting-edge technology into smart medicine

Smart healthcare is one of the hardest but also fastest growing industries. And there is a lot of space for cutting-edge technologies.

A Silicon Valley start-up with a strong background in medical surgery, identified the possibilities Internet of Things technologies bring in supporting surgeons in carrying out and learning from the surgeries that are performed on a daily basis. Looking for a partner that could translate this idea into a working technical IoT solution, Thaumatec was selected due to its extensive experience of the whole IoT stack and the ability to quickly deliver results through Agile development.

The challenge

Smart healthcare to help educate students

Developing a smart healthcare tool to support surgeons in a highly sensitive environment requires the application of different cutting-edge IoT technologies. The balance between providing real-time imaging of surgeries, being able to focus on certain detailed procedures and not limiting the surgeon in its freedom of movement was the challenge of this IoT solution.

The solution

The camera

The result is a small camera with dedicated lights that supports doctors during surgeries.

The smart healthcare camera can record the whole process, put more light or focus on a special spot or zoom and rotate the whole view on a dedicated screen. It records movies in Full HD resolution and can also manage all of the variables of recorded material. It also enables the transmission of the recorded material – for example to another room, for medical students or even online – for everyone.

Thaumatec was responsible for writing the software for the smart healthcare device, which is responsible for all the process – from coordinating the camera, recording, editing the material up to transmitting it online.


“The IoT camera provide valuable information not only to the surgeons, but also to other stakeholders. Thereby improving the quality to benefit the patients in the hospitals”