The story behind

Robots in the every day help

As Thaumatec grows, so do our demands of projects. However, we got blown away when we were assigned to work on a Household Robot, yes a ROBOT. Not just your typical robots with a couple of sensors and a set of wheels with an antenna, instead, one that has arms, recognizes faces and can help humans on a daily basis. Needless to say, building a robot is not as easy as it seems. Thaumatec was in charge of perfecting the vision of the robot, its complexity is due to the fact, that its a robot with face recognition incorporated with may other features, functioning all at the same time.

The Household robot is designed to help elder people do daily chores such as laundry, clean up and more. Since the household robot took more than a 2-year process to built, its first production will be executed until this summer. We can’t wait for it to come out to the market however, one client in Japan already bought it, as expected, because there was an exclusive report about the household robot on the local daily news of that country.

The possibilties

What does the household robot do?

Due to the complexity of creating this robot it will have many purposeful functions such as:

  • Face recognition

  • Being able to grasp, move & lift objects

  • Personal Customization

  • Deliver data

  • Receive orders

The solution

The future of household robot

As we are eagerly waiting for the household robot to come out into the market, we can focus on the benefits it will bring to its clients. The household robot is focused on helping elders have a constant hand around them, simple tasks as grabbing objects, like a laundry basket, will make a difference. Thanks to the help of Thaumatec, the evolution of this complex but fully equipped robot will create a great life change significance to whomever will need it. The household robot was complex to built, simple tasks as grabbing objects and face recognition working simultaneously, sound a lot easier said then done, however Thaumatec was able to surpass this challenge, who knows maybe in the near future we will produce a robot that has other functionalities then just a household robot. Stay tune…


“The project of developing a robot was challenging because of the simultaneous acts it had to perform all at once but at the end, it was gratifying to see it work. We believe robots will influence in a positive way our day to day activities in a near future.”