Healthcare is one of the toughest, but also fastest growing industries. Smart solutions can be used in many different areas of it – online consultations, mobile health, smart homes for elders, more developed medical devices etc.

But the high-quality and safe medical solutions can become a reality only thanks to an experienced team of software developers.

Why healthcare should
be smart?

Technology is becoming more and more advanced and it’s influencing every area of our lives. Thanks to the development of different technologies, we are able to develop more traditional medicine based on biotechnology by the processes of digitalization and informatization.

Making medicine more smart is a multi-level change, all with one to goal – to improve the efficiency of modern medicine in every area – medical model changes, medical management and treatment.

Smart healthcare is defined as a „health service system that uses technology as wearable devices, IoT, mobile internet connection to access information, patients and institutions related to healthcare”. 

Smart healthcare has broad perspectives, because the benefits of implementing smart medicine are huge – for individuals, it can make modern medicine more accessible. For big institutions, implementing smart healthcare can help to reduce their costs or to improve the quality of the care.

How smart healthcare
can improve the quality of medicine?

Nowadays, the whole experience of the contact with any medical procedure can be easily and totally transformed.

The upgraded experience of the patient starts from the moment when he needs to contact the medical institution – now he can use much more communication channels than in the past, like for example chats instead of calls. There are more and more devices on the market that let the patient to test himself and send the data to the doctor.

If the patient needs to meet the doctor, the new experience starts from the adaptation of the medical buildings with the solutions like smart parkings.

Probably the biggest upgrade the patient can experience during the medical procedure itself – it is much easier to monitor different body function thanks to wireless sensors.

Our experience
in healthcare


Thaumatec provided development and testing services for the device firmware, also testing services for the bio-algorithms research. The platform continuously measures vital signs to assess the clinical situation of in-hospitalized patients, senior citizens in nursing homes and older adults at home

Advanced algorithms, reliable measurements and testing against the warning thresholds to early signaling of clinical deterioration of patients. Healthcare professionals are given the opportunity to provide ‘Just-in-Time’ the right care in the right place, which increases the chance of healthy recovery of the elderly and shortens hospital (re)admissions


The Thaumatec team was responsible for firmware design and development and a test environment set up. The team was involved in new features development, bug fixing, porting of firmware to new SDK and bring up of new hardware.

Powered by Client’s custom-built AI-based application, the mobile app provides a view of key clinical sleep measures. The Product measures drops in blood oxygen that can be caused by stopped breathing which may indicate risk for sleep apnea. A physician consultation and a formal sleep study are required for a diagnosis of apnea.


Our team configured the MCUs on the target device and ported the existing

application layer to our display application solution. For this purpose we had to debug the HW solution and  developed fixes in case HW failures.

The measurement solution is applicable to Laminar airflow workstations, warming blocks and heaters, warming plates and trolleys, incubators, centrifuges, lasers and micromanipulators. The sensors observe CO2, O2, Humidity, Airflow, particles and pH and display all data on a touch screen and enable the lab staff to calibrate accordingly sensors of other devices.

we work?

A Silicon Valley start-up with a strong background in medical surgery and Thaumatec joined forces to bring IoT into the picture. The idea of developing a real-time device that could film surgeries, promptly became a reality thanks to Thaumatec’s extensive experience on IoT.

The smart healthcare camera can record the entire process, place lighter or focus on a special spot or zoom and rotate the whole view on a screen. It records movies in Full HD resolution and can also manage all the variables of recorded material. It also enables the transmission of the recorded material from one room to another, for medical students to view physically or online – all at the same time.

Developing a smart healthcare tool to support surgeons in an overly sensitive environment requires the application of different innovative IoT technologies. The balance between providing real-time imaging of surgeries, being able to focus on certain detailed procedures and not limiting the surgeon in its freedom of movement was the challenge of this IoT solution.

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