Smart solutions

We provide development chip-to-cloud solutions, covering every layer of product development. Our companies have extensive experience and knowledge in the area of Embedded Software, Connectivity, IoT Cloud Platforms, and Data Analytics.

Our experienced team of developers helped to develop multiple projects in different areas of modern, smart technology.

Smart solutions

Thanks to the implementation of different technologies like machine learning, neural networks, sentiment analysis, sensor data analysis, now it’s easier than ever to analyze the mass amount of data and get valuable insights. Companies invest more and more into the process of data analytics to find important trends, make predictions and answer the strategic questions.


Data analytics will help your company to know what is happening and give a chance for the fast reaction – thanks to the right process of data analytics you can create higher profits as well as reduce the costs of your company.

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In the last few years, the Internet of Things devices conquered the world. Already more machines are connected to the internet than people. Nowadays the cost of storing the data is going down and the cost of sensors to collect it is lower than ever. With so big number of connected devices around us there is an incredible amount of data. Thanks to the techniques of data analytics we are able to transform it into the success of your company. 

Data analytics can give you valuable knowledge to optimize operations, control processes automatically, engage more customers and empower employees. 

IoT data analytics can influence a lot of different areas of our everyday life – intelligent transport, smart cities, smart medicine, manufacturing, farming, etc. At Thaumatec we believe that the true potential of IoT data analytics will be released in upcoming years and companies who cannot adapt their systems into the data revolution, will stay behind the others.

Our experience
in smart solutions
Thaumatec designed the cloud architecture in MS Azure IoT, developed a Windows application and integrated both components. The whole solution was showed at with online support from us
MPA is an x86-based edge device designed to act as
● a host for applications running in containers
● an edge router
It can act in concord with one of the industry standard edge solutions as
● Azure IoT Edge
● AWS IoT Greengrass
● Welotec Smart EMS and its associated infrastructure.


Thaumatec was responsible for the tasks engineering, quality, integration and developed the software for object recognition and communication between robot’s components.
Clients concept and design with Artificial Intelligence-, Vision-, Mobility-, intelligent service- and robotic arm technology allowed to build a robotic platform to provide robot as a service (RaaS) to people at work and at home. The robotic can autonomously assist people’s work in human’s open environment to increase convenience, productivity and happiness.
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