What we do

It is our passion at Thaumatec to invent, design and build innovative solutions together with our customers. We are a consultancy and technology company that is at the front of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics developments. We transform these developments into real value for our business partners.

Benefits for you

Working with Thaumatec will provide you with the following benefits:

Access to newest technology
Thaumatec works closely together with leading technical universities and employs university professors in its R&D department. Every year we sponsor technical university competitions, where we like to challenge and be challenged by students. This way we stay at the forefront of new developments and technologies. These experiences we share directly with you.

One partner for all phases of your project
Our Internet of Things Business Accelerator Program enables us to support you in every step of realizing a solution, from business idea to a production ready product or service. No losses because of interfaces or handovers to other parties.

Cost effective business solutions
With all our services we try to optimize the cost for you. This involves using to a maximum extend the near shoring possibilities we have.

Faster time to market
Time to market in these days of rapid innovation and technology change is one of the key success factors. It is not always enough to have a good idea; it’s more the matter of bringing it to the market faster than the competition. This means that you cannot do everything yourself. Leveraging on the capabilities and capacity of Thaumatec will give you this competitive advantage.

Who are we

Thaumatec has emerged as a natural continuation of successful industry-academia collaboration projects conducted at the Computer Architecture Group, Institute of Computer Engineering, Control and Robotics, Wrocław University of Technology. Initial business development work took place in the Silicon Valley area in November and December of 2013 during the Poland’s TOP500 Innovators program, when the initial outreach to the Silicon Valley companies started. The final decision to incorporate took place in January 2014 and the company was finally incorporated on February 26th, 2014.

Our customers

Through open communication and close co-operation we are building long lasting relationships with our customers

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We at Thaumatec believe that joining forces with reliable partners is crucial to deliver the optimal solutions for our customers. We value the experience of our partners and they value Thaumatec. Our partnerships are based on mutual trust and longstanding relationships.

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Thaumatec visits 7th LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting & Open House, Wednesday, 25 January 2017 20:00 (GMT), Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London

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