How we work

We believe in a business model that is based on long-term cooperation and joint responsibility towards a common goal. We blur the lines between supplier and customer – because we believe they should be equal partners in every endeavor.

Our process

First contact

When we first meet, we will begin by telling you about our mission and what drives us. Namely, using technology to make the world a healthier place. We will then share some relevant case studies with you, to demonstrate our expertise in:

Embedded firmware & hardware
Medical devices

Then we will ask questions about your organization, your plans, and challenges. We will openly share where we can help you. Together, we will choose one or more topics to brainstorm about in the following sessions. If not already in place, we will then propose that we sign an NDA with you – so that you don’t have to worry about your ideas or your business.

Understanding Your Challenges

At this stage we will dive deeper, to understand your challenges better. We need to learn about your specific business case, expected outcome, technical constraints, envisioned timeline, etc. We will then brainstorm solution ideas with you (functional and/or technical), explain the trade-offs of different tactics, and pinpoint what is important for you in the process. Once we have gathered all this information, we will create a project outline that consists of:

Project vision and expected outcome
Project scope
Technical and business constraints

We will then review the project overview with you, to ensure we have captured all the necessary information and nuances of your project.


We will prepare and present a formal offer to you. This usually consists of the following items:

Project vision
Project scope
Technical architecture
Budget estimations & commercial conditions
Expected timeline
Risks and mitigations

The offer is not intended to be final. Rather, it is an invitation for a discussion. We will work with you to iterate the offer and find a balance between scope, cost, and time. We are happy to explore alternatives with you and provide insight into what their impact might be on the project.





When we reach a mutually agreeable offer, we will sign the contract together.

This step is necessary to be precise on each party’s commitments.
We can either provide our own templates or work with yours.

Project Start

Once all the formalities are out the way, we can begin the project. We will move the project scope into the project backlog, create all the development environments, and assign the project roles and responsibilities. We then proceed with a project kick-off, which is a meeting where the whole team aligns towards the common goal.

We will outline how we will communicate with you during our collaboration and define where we will need your input and review. We insist on recurrent and frequent communication and review from your side – this helps us move forward in an agile way.

Project Realisation



We use the project scope and high-level architecture from the offer as the basis for project realization. During the entire project, and specifically after every iteration, we refine the backlog with our team and product owners.

After every project iteration, we present you with a demonstration and a progress report. These measures help to maintain an overview of the scope and alignment between our team and customers.

Monitoring and Reporting

We believe that success comes 20% from having a great idea and 80% from the execution. That’s why merely starting a project correctly is not enough – it needs to be properly managed and monitored over its duration. To guarantee this, we established a recurrent monitoring and reporting process, which we adjust to meet the needs of each project.

A common reporting format would consist of information such as:

Scope progress, incl. demo
Budget spent and still required
Current timeline
Changes and their impact on budget and timeline
Risks and issues

With this information at hand, stakeholders remain informed about the progress of the project and can react to problems and opportunities in a timely manner.


Every successful project delivers a working solution. When this happens (and after the proper celebration) the solution is transferred to maintenance.

For your product to flourish, we can either:

Prepare the necessary documentation and training so that your team can maintain the product themselves

Prepare the necessary documentation and training so that your team can maintain the product themselves

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