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About Us

Thaumatec is a service provider in the area of Internet of Things, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, and embedded systems, located in Wrocław, Poland. We understand the Internet of Things not only as a connected embedded system, but as a holistic cloud-to-swarm stack of technologies and solutions. As a service provider Thaumatec provides software and hardware development services for the whole spectrum of IoT technologies including in-cloud applications and big data analytics.

Thaumatec has originated from and remains embedded in the academic community of Wrocław. We care dearly for our relation with universities, particularly with Wrocław University of Technology. We actively engage academics in the activities of Thaumatec as well as commit our time and resources to in-class interaction with students. We consider our link to the university as a source of know-how, expertise and inspiration. We believe in finding synergies between academic research and industrial applications and convert them into added value for our customers.