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It is our vision to be recognized as a HealthTech Software House applying Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create solutions for companies that help improve people’s health in the broadest sense, from prevention to cure to rehabilitation.

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Innovative surgeon camera
Patient arm monitoring band
Sleep monitoring device

Innovative surgeon camera

what was the Challenge

Our client, a medical start-up founded by a medical heart surgeon asked us to help with the SW for a surgeon camera. The camera acts as a mobile unit (untethered) that not just recorded but also cast the surgeon’s view to a TV in the OR so everyone present could follow the procedure

what we did to solve them

Thaumatec designed and developed system architecture, firmware for all devices and also designed the hardware for camera light

what is the solution

A surgical head camera specifically designed for use in surgical and general medical procedures. The system offers complete mobility and universal video distribution, be it inside or outside the operating theatre. The commercial solution was based on a prototype from the founders for which Thaumatec developed the FW on top.

Patient arm band development

what was the Challenge

Aging populations and enhancing chronic diseases demands to our healthcare system change and the associated costs increase. Pressure on caregivers and providers keeps increasing, while we are facing a shortage of professionals. Our client, a star-up in health care solutions asked us to help develop a 24/7 patient monitoring multi-sensor platform.

what we did to solve them

Thaumatec is providing development and testing services for device firmware, also testing services for bio-algorithms research.

what is the solution

Advanced algorithms, reliable measurements and testing against the warning threshold lead to early signalling of clinical deterioration of patients. Healthcare professionals are given the opportunity to provide ‘Just-in-Time’ the right care in the right place, which increases the chance of healthy recovery of the elderly and shortens hospital (re)admissions.

Sleep monitoring device

what was the Challenge

Thaumatec’s client, a global health company, asked us to support with FW engineering of a medical IoT solution for sleeping monitoring. The related application for display was tested with and is mainly available on iPhone.

what we did to solve them

The Thaumatec team was responsible for firmware design and development and test environment set up. The team was involved in new features development, bug fixing, porting of firmware to new SDK and bring up of new hardware.

what is the solution

The mobile app provides a view of key clinical sleep measures. The Product measures drops in blood oxygen that can be caused by stopped breathing which may indicate risk for sleep apnea, but a physician consultation and a formal sleep study are required  for a diagnosis of apnea.


what was the Challenge

Our client, a Medical Device Producer, asked us to implement SW for his HW solution, which is used to  measure and display  measurements to calibrate sensor devices in vitro laboratories.

what we did to solve them

Our team configured the MCUs on target device and ported the existing application layer to our display application solution. For this purpose we had to debug HW solution and developed fixes in case HW failures.

what is the solution

The measurement solution is applicable to Laminar airflow workstations, Warming blocks and heaters, Warming plates and trolleys, Incubators, Centrifuges, Lasers and micromanipulators. The Sensors observe CO2, O2, Humidity, Airflow, particles and pH and display all data on a touch screen and enable the lab staff to calibrate accordingly sensors of other devices.

we are a software house which is...

ISO 13485 – Medically Certified

ISO 13485 – “Medical devices – Quality management systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes” – this certificate specifies requirements for a quality management system and it’s a proof that we are able to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Covering all Technologies Chip to Cloud

Thaumatec Tech Group is providing chip-to-cloud solutions, covering every layer of product development. Our group has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of Embedded Software, Connectivity, IoT Cloud Platforms, and Artificial Intelligence.

Internationally Experienced

We have successfully carried our high-tech projects for different types of customers, from start-up to multinational, from the most distinguished HighTech hubs in the US, like Silicon Valley and the EU.

Offering best business value

Our location in the center of Europe, within the EU, gives us the possibility to optimize our value proposition, without compromising on European quality of service.

Our values

Innovation and creativity

Scientific optimism, pioneering new ways of working, staying attune with technological breakthroughs and advancements, exploring new possibilities, experimenting, challenging limitations, and always looking for non-obvious, non-standard ways of solving problems.

Honest relationships

Clarity, openness, and the pursuit of an authentic connection are the foundations of lasting and fruitful relationships between brands, employees, partners, and clients. People are the most valuable asset of our company.


We deliver professionalism and expertise at every stage of the project, with an all-or-nothing approach to meeting deadlines and delivering content. We say what we do, and we do what we say.

Individual accountability

We take ownership and responsibility for our actions, we are highly self-motivated, and tackle challenges head-on.


To the success of our customers’ projects and businesses, to the team dynamic, and the well-being of society.

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