Software for automotive industry

Wind River, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation, is a world leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems and its technology is found in nearly 2 billion products. The strategic partnership between Wind River and Thaumatec led to superb development processes.

Automotive software

Automotive software companies play nowadays a key role in the development of every car. Their work has a huge influence on every car’s safety, comfort, performance, fuel usage, and performance. Every big car producer cooperates now with automotive software developers to support their systems and have a chance to dominate the automotive industry thanks to high-quality software.

The automotive industry consists of a wide range of different producers and creators – that’s why software for the automotive industry can be found in many different pieces of every car:

  • In-car entertainment – especially for audio and video systems inside the car (and in-car smart assistants!)
  • Navigation – to safely drive a user from point A to B
  • Safety – to help the driver avoid any kind of dangerous situations
  • Self-driving car software
  • Data science – each car is packed with sensors, they are responsible for smooth, safe, comfortable and economical driving.

Thaumatec and Wind River partnership

Wind River® partners with more than 175 leading companies throughout the embedded software industry.

The partnerships help mutual customers ease integration challenges, shorten development times, and provide greater functionality to their devices, systems, and networks for building the Internet of Things.

Wind River works with its partners to integrate, validate, and jointly market products and services that support the Wind River Helix™ portfolio of products for building the Internet of Things.

About Wind River

Wind River, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation, is a world leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems. The company has been pioneering computing inside embedded devices since 1981, and its technology is found in nearly 2 billion products.

Wind River offers the industry’s most comprehensive embedded software portfolio supported by world-class global professional services and support. Wind River delivers the technology and expertise that enables the innovation and deployment of safe, secure, and reliable intelligent systems.

As a multinational, Wind River also recognizes that a good partner ecosystem is crucial to boost its innovation power and stay flexible. Thaumatec was chosen to join this select group of partners due to its in-depth technical know-how and broad experience with the newest Internet of Things developments.

Wind River Helix Car Sync and software for self-driving cars

Self-driving cars made a huge change in the automotive industry – they are always connected to the internet, almost fully autonomous. It was for sure that new kinds of cars require a new approach to software development. That’s why Wind River developed the Helix Virtualization Platform – to connect all the levels of safety into the one platform.

“Wind River® Helix™ Virtualization Platform consolidates multi-OS and mixed-criticality applications onto a single edge computing software platform, simplifying, securing, and future-proofing critical infrastructure solutions in the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and automotive markets.“

Our way

Thaumatec’s main know-how at the moment concentrates on the Wind River Helix Car Sync product, but it’s building up experience on the other Wind River products rapidly. We have a broad knowledge and experience in developing full-stack solutions and software for all the needs of the automotive industry. We offer specialized software development dedicated to automotive industry customers – data architecture and analysis, image recognition, machine learning, embedded systems etc.

Thaumatec is working with dedicated teams on both the development of solutions, as well as contributing to R&D projects in the area of Automotive and Smart City initiatives.

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