What we’re best at & what we love to do.

It is our passion at Thaumatec to invent, design and build innovative solutions together with our customers.

Benefits for you

What you can get by working with Thaumatec?

Cutting - edge technologies

Thaumatec works closely together with leading technical Universities and employs university professors in the R&D department


All the time you have a full access to our work – with clear professional reporting on our activities

Value for money

We know that time is money – that’s why, thanks to our Agile development processes, we make sure we develop more for less

Faster time to market

Time to market in these days of rapid innovation and technology change is one of the key success factors – we don’t like to waste time


What we can do for you?

Embedded SW

C, C++, Embedded C, Java, Assembler, (-emacs, sourceinsight), Python, Rust, Golang, Computer Vision / Machine Vision, OpenCV, Point Cloud Library, image processing, signal processing, DSP, FPGA, microcontrollers


Android, iOS, React Native, Java, Swift, C#


Redis, Microsoft, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, H2


Django, NodeJS, Dotnet, Tomcat

Multi-vendor solution integration

NB-IoT, LoRa, SigFox, Bluetooth Cat-M, ZigBee, 3G, 4G, 5G, MQTT, DBUS, AMQP, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, Thread, Apache Kafka, LWM2M, OMA DM, Coap, SCTP, ieee802.15.4, AVB, 6Lowpan, SNMP, TCP/IP, UDP, RTSP, NTP, time-sensitive networking, WiFi, WiFi -Halow,

Operating Systems

Yocto, QPC/++, QPC, REXX Max, MS Auto, QT, Robot Operating System ROS, ECPS, MBED, Windows Embedded, ThreadX

Internet of Things System Integrations

Building an Internet of Things Solution involves the integration of many different technologies. We cover the whole spectrum of the IoT challenges with expertise in connected embedded systems and enterprise resource planning systems

Our Integration Services enables organizations to adopt emerging technologies, integrate embedded hardware/software, wireless communication technologies, IoT platforms and enterprise applications with new social and mobile channels for differentiating and innovative initiatives.

Embedded Software Development

We are a unique company in that we can both provide hardware design and development services, as well as software design and development services.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of embedded software technologies as well as application and mobile languages.

Embedded Hardware Design and Development

We create embedded hardware as a part of our embedded solutions development process. We start with conceptual design to meet the customer requirements, than optimizing it for stability, ending up with ready-to-market product.

Embedded System Testing Services

High-quality standards are crucial for embedded industry, sometimes safety-critical systems must even be enforced by standards and laws. Our quality assurance methodology improves embedded development productivity and gave the customer an opportunity to perform comprehensive product testing.

Still not sure? Check out how we did it in real life!

In cooperation with researchers from Wroclaw University of Technology and Wroclaw Academic Hub, Thaumatec is working on providing LoRa network infrastructure in Wrocław and enhancing LoRa technology with useful localisation capabilities.