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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a development of a network infrastructure in which more and more “things” (objects, products, devices, systems) are communicating digitally with each other and with humans. This is possible by making them “smart”, i.e., equipping them with sensing, computing and communicating capabilities.  With sensors the (often simple) electronics get senses that generate valuable information, e.g., about its location, the condition of the environment, the condition of the subject, the status of the sensor itself or some other pre-determined variable. And with wireless or wired connectivity that information can be delivered to and further over the Internet to the back-end, typically to the cloud. As a consequence, products can then be operated remotely for example via portable device like a smartphone or a tablet. In this way the physical and the virtual world get more and more connected to each other. This development, combined with the exponential growth of technology, will change organizations and your own life. The information provided by IoT leads to the ability of tracking behavior of physical objects, enhanced situational awareness, sensor driven analytics, pre-emptive maintenance of equipment and process optimization.

Technology research firm Gartner says 26 billion devices will be online by 2020; ABI research puts that number at 30 billion; Cisco estimates even up to 50 billion.

Challenges however that need to be addressed include: how to communicate effectively and securely between the IoT actors – be them things or humans, how to transmit, store and analyze huge amounts of data produced by pervasive sensors, and how to protect privacy. Enabling technologies include communication technologies, the cloud, software and big data.

Unlike mobile devices market, where technologies tend to converge, the Internet of Things (IoT) market is very segmented and each segment comes with very different requirements as well as challenges. Smart Power Metering installation will have a lot different requirements than an Intelligent Transport System. A Video Surveillance network calls for fundamentally different approach than a Precision Agriculture application. Beyond that, a lot of IoT markets are yet to come: next generation wearable medical devices, autonomous vehicles and more. Different requirements lend themselves to different technology choices as well as different designs.

This is exactly where the value add of Thaumatec comes in. We use the most innovative technologies available in the market to design and integrate them in order to build you a world class, custom made IoT system. One that is tailor-made to the challenges of your specific branch and/or customer. To give you the competitive advantage you need.

And if the technology is not available on the market, we have the competences needed to develop it ourselves.

We have access to and know-how of all relevant Internet of Things areas, from embedded hardware/software, wireless communication technologies, M2M platforms and back-end application platforms. Our experienced team works together with carefully selected partners in all the different areas.