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Smart robot for elderly care

Without further discussion, AI is the most exciting field ever, especially since the creation of robots. Thaumatec was lucky (and qualified) to be assigned to work on a Household Robot for a prestigious company in Asia.

The vision

With the development of artificial intelligence and technology, robots start to play a very important role in our societies – in factories, military but also in everyday help. Our customer created a vision, where In the nearest future, robot caregivers can provide eldercare at home. They can support elders in everyday care (like cleaning around, bringing small objects, provide entertainment), but also due to a lot of sensors and online connections they can recognize when the patient feels bad and calls for help. It can be also used in eldercare facilities as the first tool of everyday care.

Smart robot for elderly care

Eldercare is a very important challenge for humanity – societies around the world are getting older and older – that’s a fact. Governments need to spend more and more money to care of the elders. Even though eldercare became a quite popular field of study, we experience a lack of qualified workers.

In eldercare, it’s important to provide high-quality services in the environment that the patient knows – that’s why eldercare at home is important. But it also creates costs and obstacles as it requires to send a qualified nurse each time to the patient’s place; aditionally it incurs other challenges, such as limited time for visits and the necessity to travel from one place to another.

A possible solution for this dilemma? – a smart robot for eldercare.

About the idea

As Thaumatec grows, so do our demands of projects. However, we got blown away when we were assigned to work on a smart robot for eldercare, yes a ROBOT. Not just your typical robots with a couple of sensors and a set of wheels with an antenna, instead, one that has arms, recognizes faces and can provide smart eldercare at home. Needless to say, building a robot is not as easy as it seems. Thaumatec was in charge of perfecting the vision of the robot, its complexity is due to the fact, that its a robot with face recognition incorporated with many other features, functioning all at the same time.

The smart robot for elderly care is designed to help elder people do daily chores such as laundry, clean up and more. Since the household robot took more than a 2-year process to built, its first production will be executed until the late summer of 2019. We can’t wait for it to come out to the market; however, one client in Japan already bought it, as expected, there was an exclusive report about the household robot on the local daily news of that country.

The future of household robot

As we eagerly await for the smart eldercare robot to come out into the market, we can focus on the benefits it will bring to its clients. The household robot will focus on helping elders have a constant hand around them, simple tasks as grabbing objects, like a laundry basket, will make a difference. Thanks to the help of Thaumatec, the evolution of this complex but fully equipped robot will create a great life change significance to whoever will need it.

The household robot was complex to build, simple tasks as grabbing objects and face recognition working simultaneously sound a lot easier said than done. Thaumatec, however, was able to surpass this challenge, who knows maybe in the near future we will produce a robot that has other functionalities than just a household robot. Stay tuned…

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Smart robot for elderly care

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