The story behind

Biometric identity from Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley-based company that develops and deploys biometric identity products and solutions that excel in challenging real-world environments. Each year, tens of millions of people rely on the company’s biometric technologies for secure, seamless travel, public safety, and commerce.

The company was looking a partner with embedded software development expertise and capacity. The choice for Thaumatec was based on the fact that Thaumatec managed to put together a skilled team within very short notice and combined with high degree of technical leadership and ownership.

The challenge

Fast and highly accurate identification

The biometric identity products deliver effortless, fast, and highly accurate biometric enrolment and identification. They capture best-in-class iris and face biometrics in a sleek, elegant device. Designed for high throughput identification and verification, the products set the stage for the future of travel, access, and identity.

The biometric identity products involve among others a lot of embedded software development, testing, maintaining and upgrading to stay ahead in the biometrics market place.

The solution

Agile, Scrum and short time to market

Thaumatec builds up a team of different specialists that provide the development services according to the world-class quality and processes. The application of Agile and Scrum in an international setting, with large time zone differences, is a challenge that Thaumatec mastered.

Being able to adjust the team size and composition according to the needs of the project, gives the customer the possibility to commit to the different wishes and deadlines of its customers.


“For almost 2 years, with a dedicated team of between 15-20, the close co-operation and communication has led to a seamless development and delivery process from the Product Owner in Silicon Valley to the individual developer in Poland and back.”