Dutch and Polish unions

It brings us great joy to announce that Thaumatec is a new member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands, with their support our company’s growth will be without boundaries. The Polish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands is an association of private businesses related to Poland and acting in the Netherlands. The Polish Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands (PCCNL) has a mission of growing the business cooperation between Poland and The Netherlands by contributing to each other’s economy. Additionally, PCCNL connects you to other professionals through networking meetings that can help specifically for business benefits.

The Task

Generally, The Polish Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands helps interested organizations or individuals to enter the Dutch or Polish market (Thaumatec, has successfully entered and has established offices in The Netherlands and Poland both). PCCNL has helped us create more marketing analysis, logistic support, legal assistance and other important activities that are crucial for the success of entering foreign countries. Additionally, PCCNL supports healthy competition and growth in the global market.

The Future

Thaumatec is proud to be a member of PCCNL, we will be creating bigger alliances that will help our business grow, thanks to your support. PCCNL, will not only help expand our networking relations but it will lead us in the correct pathway to do businesses with whom will bring us success to the table. Finally, PCCNL will be a great mentor in the KNOW-HOW areas such as attracting new business partners, lobbying and/or training courses that will help Thaumatec grow in The Netherlands. We are honored to form part of this group and are looking forward to working side to side for greater success! After all “we make the future matter and connect it to you” it’s Thaumatec’s popular slogan.