LoRa – The Things Network in Wrocław

On June 20th, the first meet up of The Things Network community in Wroclaw took place. Of course, Thaumatec was present as the main contributor with 3 gateways in Wroclaw.

Presenting the use cases already realised by Thaumatec in co-operation with the Technical University of Wroclaw, gave the participants a good insight into the possibilities of the LoRa network.

With the third gateway, our LoRa network not only provides increased coverage and quality of service in Wrocław but also allows for further research into LoRa localization methods, both algorithmic and based on machine learning.

Also, Thaumatec’s LoRa gateways, located at SM Arka and University buildings are supporting LoRa connectivity for The Things Network Wrocław Community.