Meet Thaumatec during Internet of Things World in Santa Clara!

Every year our calendar is full of events, but there are some of them with a special place in our hearts. Internet of Things World in Santa Clara is one of them – we know that we can’t miss this one of the biggest industry events in the world. This year we are sending there our team of experts to learn and explore the latest trends in Internet of Things…world.

Internet of Things World is North America’s largest IoT event, bringing the top technologies, strategies, and case studies for the key industries implementing IoT. During the four days of the event more than 12,500 leaders, enthusiasts and innovators from all over the world will meet in one place to network and exchange knowledge during more than 150 conference sessions with more than 400 speakers. It’s a unique opportunity to expand the network of contacts in the IoT industry.

This event is a place for everyone – you will find there a lot of interesting content even if you are just starting your IoT path, as well as a lot of technically focused sessions. During the Internet Things World in Santa Clara over 300 exhibitors (producers, startups, service providers) from over 65 countries will be ready to show the latest technologies and ways to turn the vision into a ready to market project.

For us, it will be also a great opportunity for us to meet our customers from Silicon Valley in the US and discuss all the projects that we are realizing for them. If you also have a plan to visit IoT World in Santa Clara, why don’t we grab a cup of coffee and discuss how we can support your IoT projects?

If you are interested, let us know here!

What: Internet of Things World USA
When: May 13-16
Where: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA