New CTO and COO in Thaumatec

In January 2020, Thaumatec appointed Paweł Bryła, to be the new Chief Operating Officer. The new Chief Executive Officer Maciej Stachura held the position that Paweł Bryła has today. As of March 11th, Dmytro Shestachuk became the Chief Technology Officer of the Thaumatec Techgroup. The new position of CTO will help realize the vision of the Thaumatec Techgroup being recognized as a technological leader for Embedded Software and Hardware, Connectivity and IoT Cloud Solutions.

“ As the company moves into the next face of growth, we are confident that Pawel and Dmytro’s past experiences will help Thaumatec Group, take it to the next level”, said the Chairman & Co-Founder of Thaumatec, Barend Smet.

Dmytro has held leadership positions not only in Poland but in Ukraine as well. He started there as a Mobile NetworkShift Engineer and worked his way up the ladder and landed as a Solution Architect and Embedded Practice Coordinator for GlobaLogic in Poland. Furthermore, he became an expert in handling architectural multi-project solutions related to the Embedded IoT areas.

Dmytro will be Thaumatec’s “key architect” to lead the path to new projects that will enable the company to thrive.

Pawel has experience in domains of telecommunication, connectivity, and IoT. He gathered his knowledge working on different positions, starting as a tester to become COO across his 12 years career in small local companies, as well as huge multinational ones. Success-oriented and ready to talk on different topics, especially connected with the IT sector.

In Thaumatec he is responsible for delivering projects, developing our HR activities and supporting sales processesThaumatec’s commitment to hiring the best personnel in the IT sector is crucial for the growth of it. Thaumatec looks forward to creating partnerships with its employees as well as, its customers. After all “we make the future matter and connect it to you”.