Partnership with the city of Wrocław

Internet of Things devices are becoming more and more popular. We can use this name for everyday use equipment, which can communicate with each other. In 2020, on the whole planet should be more than 28 billions of IoT devices. Thanks to the agreement between our company and Wroclaw municipality, city units and universities will gain access to the local LoRaWAN network.

Wrocław is one of the most important cities, on the European Internet of Things map. The city really supports that kind of projects and a lot of companies are working to develop this technology. In the capital of Lower Silesia companies are producing simple, consumer – oriented Internet of Things devices and working on the whole IoT-dedicated networks.

One of the effects of this city support, is the partnership agreement between City Hall and Thaumatec. Based on this agreement, the city gains access to the local LoRaWAN network for their R&D purposes. The city will also support developing of this network with the access to the city infrastructure and help with all necessary documents.

One of the features of the LoRaWAN networks is their long-distance range: it’s up to few kilometres in the cities and over a dozen in the open area. A few weeks ago, our gateway received a package of data from 702 kilometres, what is the world record so far – says Krzysztof Berezowski, CEO of Thaumatec – LoRaWAN devices need less energy than the one using traditional mobile phone network, what makes them perfect for the Internet of Things solutions. Moreover, developing LoRaWAN network is cheaper than mobile phone one, because devices are cheaper and also they are using non-licensed, free radio frequencies.

Internet of things devices are becoming very popular on the whole planet and with the long-distance signal range, they can be used to realise the idea of Smart Cities – smart and ecological cities with simple management. Metropolises can use it for example to manage street lights or to optimize the process of collecting municipal wastes, what helps them to reduce the costs.

Thanks to this agreement, all the city departments gain access to the gateways covering almost the whole city. Universities and other research and development units can create their own Internet of Things project or connect their existing devices to local LoRaWAN network

In Wrocław, you can also join a local The Things Network Community – it’s the global organization with almost 18000 members in 86 countries, who are building the global, LoRaWAN – based network for the Internet of Things devices.