Thaumatec Techgroup invests in Smart Healthcare start-up

We are very proud to announce that the Thaumatec Techgroup has reached yet another important milestone. We invested in the very innovative Smart Healthcare start-up, SmartQare BV

We have been a technology partner of smartQare since 2018, responsible for the development of the wearable health-care device according to the ISO 13485 quality standards.

We have decided to bring our relationship to the next level, because we believe in a business model which is based on long-term cooperation, involvement and responsibility for a common project. We want to reach beyond the traditional lines between a supplier and a customer – to become an equal partner in every endeavour.

Our partner smartQare is developing an intelligent armband, 24/7 connected to a health-care platform, that gives patients the freedom to manoeuvre and keep their autonomy, while being monitored to keep safe.

The highly innovative patient monitoring device measures and sends data on multiple vital functions to connected medical-aid workers, using the Internet of Things. Apart from parameters as heartbeat, oxygen saturation and skin temperature, the wearable has a fall detector and location determination.