Traditions & Christmas @ Thaumatec

If there is a holiday season that can be described as jolly, merry and exciting, for sure its Christmas. No wonder it’s famously known as “Tis the season to be jolly”. Kids get excited because of the gifts, charities are flooded with toys or food and adults hop into the Christmas spirit. At Thaumatec we share the adult Christmas spirit with traditions that are unique and different compared to others. Let’s check them out and chose your favorite tradition.

Dutch Box (Kerstpakket)

Thaumatec is a company situated in Wroclaw, with polish employees and a polish speaking environment, however, it has a strong Dutch tradition called the “Dutch Box”. At Thaumatec we celebrate the Dutch Box every year as well. If you are not familiar with it, Kerstpakket, the dutch name, is a Christmas gift box that bosses distribute to their staff shortly before Christmas as a traditional sign of gratification for the hard work performed in the past year. At Thaumatec we embrace Kerstpakketten as our own tradition and certainly cannot wait to open the gifts. It’s an incredible view to see all the gifts laying under the Christmas Office tree. The rule of thumb is to take your gift home until you go off to the holidays. Seriously, I will not wait until the 24th to open mine.

Kraft Beer

At our Christmas party that we recently had at a local restaurant, we celebrated with delicious polish food, a bilingual magician entertaining not only the kids of Thaumatecians but also the employees that still don’t speak a word of polish. A cartoonist that drew everyone’s nose twice its original size. A talented and joyful band that made everyone’s bones shake, but best of all, the homemade brewed beer by Paweł Weber and Michał Chodzikiewicz. Paweł Weber is no amateur in brewing beer. He has been brewing beer ever since he started working at Thaumatec, 4 years ago. Within the years he has become an expert and has perfected his fermentation process as well as the taste of his beers. This year, Michał joined Thaumatec and became a brewer himself and started helping out Paweł in the process. At our Christmas party this year we had three types of beers Vermont IPA, Tropical Lager, and Sweet Stout. The three of them were delicious, after all it did take one month to brew properly and package them. Paweł and  Michał, congratulations, you have mastered the art of brewing beer at it’s best. Next year we will continue on with this delicious tradition.

Family First

We save the best for last. It is the most common tradition to always involve our families at Thaumatec. I’m not just talking about inviting the family to the Christmas Thaumatec Dinner, however, all year long we involve them in most of our get-togethers (especially the quarterly parties).  Our Christmas party this year, as well as the ones before, were filled with children (each year growing) spouses, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends. Connecting with the families of the Thaumatecians is a priority. Besides, we all enjoy spending time with our colleagues and family simultaneously.

Last Christmas Wishes for 2019

As 2019 comes to its end, we are more than grateful for our Christmas traditions at Thaumatec. Most of them are initiatives of our own Thaumaticians that the rest are happy to follow. We will keep on celebrating and enjoying them as much as we can.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Thaumatec. We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter throughout 2020.