Our case studies

We are always very proud by our work. Feel invited to see our case studies – they represent a story of great projects in a vide variety of industries: healthcare, automotive, connectivity etc.


Healthcare is one of the toughest but also fastest growing industries. Smart solutions can be used in many different areas of it – online consultations, mobile health, smart home for elders, more developed medical devices etc.

But the high-quality and safe medical solutions can became a reality only thanks to an experienced team of software developers.


We provide development chip-to-cloud solutions, covering every layer of product development. Our companies have extensive experience and knowledge in the area of Embedded Software, Connectivity, IoT Cloud Platforms, and Data Analytics.

Our experienced team of developers helped to develop multiple projects in different areas of modern, smart technology.

Safety &

One of the biggest challenges and responsibilities of institution is to provide safety and security. The development of new technologies like wireless communication and IoT made it much simpler.

Thaumatec have broad experience in developing safety and security solutions to the places where its most needed – like airports, public services or simply – smart home security.


Automotive software companies play nowadays a key role in the development of every car. Their work has a huge influence on every car’s safety, comfort, performance, fuel usage, and performance. 

Our experienced team of developers have a broad experience in developing software for different needs of automotive industry.

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