LoRa Drone

Lora is one of the promising IoT technologies that deliver communication for areas where availability of power grid is limited or it doesn’t exist. Most of the world by now, is also familiar with drones or aerial vehicles (UAV), that operate wherever possible.

Smart robot

As Thaumatec grows, so do our demands of projects. However, we got blown away when we were assigned to work on a Household Robot, yes a ROBOT.

Smart sleep tracker

Imagine having a device that informs you, how many hours you sleep in a day, monitors your heartbeat while sleeping, indicates which is the best position for resting and detects stopped breathing events; all of this information available on the palm of your hands (smartphone) through a little gadget that you place on your forehead.

Mobile LoRa Gateway

For a couple of years, Thaumatec has been sponsoring Team Projects Conference at the local University of Science and Technology. This year, Thaumatec helped to develop two student projects. One of the winning projects was our LoRaMiG – LoRa Main Independent Gateway, which was chosen as the Best Hardware Project by the jury on the Team Project Conference. It was a great honor for us because the competition was challenging and the other teams presented amazing devices.

Wind River

Wind River, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation, is a world leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems. The company has been pioneering computing inside embedded devices since 1981, and its technology is found in nearly 2 billion products.

Smart healthcare

A Silicon Valley start-up with a strong background in medical surgery, identified the possibilities Internet of Things technologies bring in supporting surgeons in carrying out and learning from the surgeries that are performed on a daily basis.

Security Smartwatch

Hago Next posed the question how technology could be used to protect their employees better and how they could call for help quickly, without risking escalating the situation.

Biometric Identity

Silicon Valley-based company that develops and deploys biometric identity products and solutions that excel in challenging real-world environments. Each year, tens of millions of people rely on the company’s biometric technologies for secure, seamless travel, public safety, and commerce.

Smart Facility Management

Hago Next is a cleaning company that puts innovation as one of its pillars to deliver the best sustainable cleaning solutions for its end customers. With technology supporting its employees, Hago Next provides full transparency in price and process, with the guarantee of a clean working environment

LoRa streetlight management system

The City of Amsterdam has been very actively engaged in the smart city development. Upgrading the streetlighting infrastructure with new technology was therefore high on the wishlist of the City.

Smart City Wrocław

In cooperation with researchers from Wroclaw University of Technology and Wroclaw Academic Hub, Thaumatec is working on providing LoRa network infrastructure in Wrocław and enhancing LoRa technology with useful localisation capabilities.