The story behind

Better sleep in a week

Imagine having a device that informs you, how many hours you sleep in a day, monitors your heartbeat while sleeping, indicates which is the best position for resting and detects stopped breathing events; all of this information available on the palm of your hands (smartphone) through a little gadget that you place on your forehead. The first of its kind, integrated digital approach to help people understand and solve their sleeping disorders. Thaumatec, formed part of the team that helped create this unique tracking device. We supported in the elaboration of FOTA (firmware over-the-air), the connectivity of BLE (Bluetooth low energy) and the use of algorithms to process important data.

The possibilties

Sleep tracking device

The consequences of sleeping deprivation can affect many, so a solution was formed for this problem and Thaumatec helped in the making. It’s amazing that such a small device can give out so much data and constantly keep updating itself and that’s exactly what Thaumatec did. Through FOTA (firmware over-the-air), it was possible to provide efficient and timely firmware updates meaning an increase in customer satisfaction and a decrease for technical support. Additionally, like many other digital products in the market, the use of Bluetooth is a must, Thaumatec helped create BLE (Bluetooth low energy) on the sleeping device. The difference between these two is that BLE remains in sleep mode until there is a connection established, meaning lots of battery savings and the average Bluetooth doesn’t. Last but not least, the use of algorithms on the sleeping device. Thanks to algorithms the device converts the data gathered from the sensor into medical details such as heart rate, blood oxidation, airflow and more. The data that is gathered by the sleeping device, is saved and analyzed to improve the quality of sleep. The help of Thaumatec made it possible for the sleeping device to work properly at producing results for sleep improvements.

The solution

Thaumatec is constantly partnering with companies to help build their products that can change significantly peoples lives.  Owning a sleeping device is like having a certified laboratory at home, indicating precise data about your sleeping conditions that can help you improve your quality of life. Thaumatec is looking forward to keep on working with customers that with our experience and knowledge will help them achieve their goals.


“At Thaumatec we are proud to help companies succeed, especially if it’s to improve the quality of life of others.”