HealthTech Industry Update | Could AI shorten hospital wait times?

Kurt Neubauer

Kurt Neubauer

In UK are 6.000.000 people waiting for routine hospital treatment which become a massive issue increasing strain on the hospital.

An NHS Trust in England is trialling Artificial Intelligence (AI) which may be able to manage waiting lists for surgeries and ultimately bring down waiting times, reports BBC technology show Click.

This Healthcare approach includes:

➡️️ During a consultation, the AI technology helps determine the level of risk a patient will be exposed to by undergoing surgery.

➡️ The AI model takes into account over 220 different factors to work out each individual person’s risk as well as the outcome of the surgery.

➡️ AI / Machine Learning deliver a prognosis what will be the outcome of the operation

➡️ Which complications they may have

➡️️ Determine which patients need after surgery intensive care facilities and where the best

➡️️ Find the best site and time for the surgery

➡️ The system uses MS Cloud with the existing machine learning

Critics of the technology said they have wider concerns about data privacy, questioning if AI is a good fit with healthcare.

The records and data are anonymized and the data belongs only to the patients and clinicians. 

This type of system can be applied to different surgeries and AI will play a greater role in future medicine but it is still just a tool as final decisions are made by human specialists.

Have a look on the BCC News

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