THAUMATEC TECH GROUP opened its new office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands! In recent years we serviced our Dutch customers from our Poland-based office; as demand is growing, we decided that we need a new space for our work and projects. 

Our Eindhoven office will be dedicated exclusively to attend our customers (or potential ones) and partners, to exchange ideas and knowledge to drive innovative and creative projects, and most of all to deliver operational services. We are aiming to bring all of our expertise as a HealthTech software house closer to the demand for it.

The Eindhoven office is operating in Dutch and will be run by Jan-Willem Deutekom, one of Thaumatic’s founding partners. We are all thrilled about the launch of our new office. It’s located in the heart of Eindhoven’s creative tech-hot spot. For our many Dutch clients, we have an office on their doorstep again, Jan-Willem says.

How to contact our new office in The Netherlands?

Phone: +31 6 4382 7711
Email: jan-willem.deutekom@thaumatec.com

Visiting address: Kastanjelaan 400 | 5616 LZ Eindhoven | the Netherlands

Welcome to the new shareholders of the THAUMATEC TECH GROUP

🎉Welcome to the new shareholders of the THAUMATEC TECH GROUP ! 🍾

Very proud to announce that today we signed the Thaumatec Employee Participation Program.

➡️ This is a program uniquely developed by Thaumatec, with which our employees can participate in the company.

➡️ The participation is available for employees that excel in their job and have shown a strong commitment in building the THAUMATEC TECH GROUP. 💪

➡️ Employees will benefit from the short- and long-term success of the company, just like any shareholder. 😁

Welcome to the first participants Maciej Stachura , Kamil Grabarczyk , Pawel Bryla , Dmytro Shestachuk , Jakub Piskorz , Michal Cisek , Łukasz Czechowski , Michał Rudowicz , Michał Chodzikiewicz , Paweł Adamek , Artur Szprync

Photo walk in our new office

It was always very important for us to work in outstanding places. We believe that a comfortable office can influence the way we work and live. That’s why our villa office, located in one of the most touristic places in Wrocław near Hala Stulecia, was an amazing place for work and entertainment – we spend there few years on developing projects and enjoying big garden.

But the time is moving fast and our company is growing. We needed a new place, where all our employees can have enough space and we were sure that once again it has to be the best office in the city.

That’s why, a few months ago we moved to our new office – an old but fully renovated tenement house in the heart of Wrocław, located on Lelewela 8 street. The place is way bigger than the previous one, giving us enough space for new people coming every month to our company.

We are more than happy that a few days ago we were visited by a photographer from local radio and our new headquarters became a hero of a “Photowalk” cycle on their website. The idea of the radio photo walks is to show a bit hidden, but still outstanding places in our city.

You can see those amazing pictures HERE!

If you are fascinated by the history of this building (as we are), you can see it’s past HERE!

Before and after the II world war, the building was a typical tenement house, being a hospitable home for many generations. Last residents moved from the building in 1986 and after 12 years, the building was fully renovated in 1998.

We believe that this amazing building will be now a comfortable office for us!

If you are interested in seeing those interiors with your own eyes – feel more than welcome to visit our office and drink the best coffee in the city with us.

Cover photo: Patrycja Dzwonkowska
Source: Page

Thaumatec Techgroup invests in Smart Healthcare start-up

We are very proud to announce that the Thaumatec Techgroup has reached yet another important milestone. We invested in the very innovative Smart Healthcare start-up, SmartQare BV

We have been a technology partner of smartQare since 2018, responsible for the development of the wearable health-care device according to the ISO 13485 quality standards.

We have decided to bring our relationship to the next level, because we believe in a business model which is based on long-term cooperation, involvement and responsibility for a common project. We want to reach beyond the traditional lines between a supplier and a customer – to become an equal partner in every endeavour.

Our partner smartQare is developing an intelligent armband, 24/7 connected to a health-care platform, that gives patients the freedom to manoeuvre and keep their autonomy, while being monitored to keep safe.

The highly innovative patient monitoring device measures and sends data on multiple vital functions to connected medical-aid workers, using the Internet of Things. Apart from parameters as heartbeat, oxygen saturation and skin temperature, the wearable has a fall detector and location determination.

Thaumatec successfully passes ISO certification

Superior level of services is one of our most important values. Always we pursue the latest standards of development and product delivery. As we are working for sensitive industries (like for example smart healthcare), we know that many of them require special rules and processes. That is why, we decided to apply for ISO certification, and we are incredibly happy to announce that our company passed all the necessary tests. 

From now, Thaumatec officially have three certificates:

– ISO 9001:2015 – “Quality management systems” – this standard is focused on understanding and meeting customer requirements, i.e. specific needs for products of a given organization, adopting a process approach, delivering process effectiveness results and their continuous improvement based on objective measurements.

– ISO 27001:2017 – “Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems” – this standard is all about information security management. Our customers can be sure that we protect their information in a systematic way, through the adoption of an Information Security Management.

– ISO 13485:2016  – “Medical devices – Quality management systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes” – this certificate specifies requirements for a quality management system and it’s a proof that we are able to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

ISO certification – what does it mean?

ISO is the short name of The International Organization for Standardization. It is an independent and non governmental organization, working on an international level to provide globally recognized standards. They bring together experts from all over the world to develop new and high quality standards that will support innovations and solutions to change the world to a better place. 

ISO is not involved in the process of any certification, as well as is not issuing any certificates. To keep the highest transparency, this process is performed by independent and external certification bodies.

How will it influence our company and projects of our customers?

Having the ISO certification confirms that our company knows how to keep the highest standards of development and services. We apply this in all our projects on a daily basis in order to meet our customer requirements. Want to know more how your project can benefit from our experience? Let’s connect and discuss your challenges.

Thaumatec is joining the Artificial Intelligence revolution with Michał Zgrzywa as a head of new AI department

One of our most important values is always to stay on the forefront of the technological revolution. Our team is following the most interesting technologies using our Thaumatec Technology Radar, so we are sure that we will never miss solutions interesting for our customers.

For a long time, we have been watching how Artificial Intelligence is developing. For example – Gartner expects that by 2023, one-third of companies that have implemented IoT will also have implemented AI in conjunction with at least one IoT project. AI is also viewed as one of the 5 biggest technology trends in 2021 and most of them are in our skills portfolio.

The fast-changing situation in the technological market inspired us to develop a new, artificial intelligence department in Thaumatec. From now, we will be able to create solutions for our customers, which will take their projects to the next level. Moreover, we were always doing everything to create the best work environment for the most skilled people in their interest area. That’s why we are more than happy to announce that Michał Zgrzywa is joining our company to take a lead on our new AI department. 

Michał Zgrzywa, PhD, is an experienced leader of both software delivery and back-office teams. He’s helped to grow companies from small to mid-size, performing many roles and adapting to the needs of developing organizations along the way.

He has started his journey by delivering software and being a technical leader in the Financial Services and Automotive industries. With time, moved to project management and program management roles, being responsible for delivering software for the Retail and Pharma industries. Following in more business administration roles, he was responsible for various functions: Delivery, Operations Research, Human Resources. During the recent years, he has been focused on building AI and Data Science offerings and teams, successfully delivering AI projects to industries like Pharma, Professional Services or Public Sector.

He’s a strong advocate of empowering teams and motivating through autonomy and trust. He honestly believes that Data and AI can improve people’s lives. He stays a software developer at heart.

Michał in Thaumatec will be responsible for helping our clients to relies all the value that Data & AI can add to their product, thus helping them to extend their product development roadmaps. His first focus will be to build the Thaumatec’s team capacity and capability around skills and technologies required to build Data & AI solutions for our clients. Going forward, together with the team they will extend Thaumatec’s portfolio by successful delivery of many exciting and technologically advanced Data & AI projects.

We are more than happy to see the challenges which are waiting for us in this new era of our company!

Kurt Neubauer is joining Thaumatec as Technology Network and Sales Operations Manager

Kurt Neubauer is joining Thaumatec as a Sales Operations Manager responsible for DACH market

Communication is one of the key values for our company – both in relationship with customers and employees. We enhance our success in the DACH market, and we are happy to announce that Kurt Neubauer is joining Thaumatec in the position of Technology Network and Sales Operations Manager.

Kurt has a huge experience in many areas – SW development, R&D line management, project management, sales, and marketing. In the past years he was working for many software and hardware development companies like Siemens Austria, Siemens Poland, Nokia, REC, GlobalLogic and managing big sales accounts as Gemalto M2M, NXP and Nokia. 

Kurt has comprehensive project management and project development skills – from first customer contact through piloting and development of the project. He was also involved in innovation and cooperation projects with the University in Wroclaw & Cryptologic department.

In our company, he will be responsible for:

  • technology network management – This position was established to create a global network to connect and share our experience with other technology companies in SW and HW Services, Producers, and as well other domains;
  • sales operations – This function has a large focus on technology and experience with a proper technical content creation and based on this with the alignment of marketing and business development;

We could not miss the opportunity to ask Kurt a few important questions about the software and hardware development in the DACH market!

1) What are the biggest challenges of software and hardware development in this area?

DACH market represents Germany, Austria and Switzerland which are similar in language and geography but somehow different in mentality and business behavior. There are many KMUs which still like to have all engineers on site and do not trust companies from abroad.

We must convince them and create trust in our excellent engineering skills, the best with inviting them to meet and discuss on current technology trends and evolution.

2) What is your biggest challenge / advantage of joining Thaumatec?

Joining the company during Covid times can be challenging for everyone and for sure will influence comprehensive team building, but luckily, I know many of the guys since a long time, which will help a lot in this case. I am extremely excited that I will have the opportunity to work with a high-skilled team and of course to support them in delivering challenging projects.

3) How can Thaumatec fit the needs of DACH-located companies?

The Thaumatec portfolio in Technology research, HW/SW prototyping and product development is an asset which we must foster, explain, and show. This will create trust and help to advertise capabilities in the suitable competence areas which are needed. I am sure that as a company we can fit every need of DACH- and as well global companies.

Monika Gorzelak joined Thaumatec to lead our recruitment activities

Team of Thaumatec is growing fast – we didn’t share this secret before, but it’s possible thanks to the new member of our team! Monika Gorzelak joined our company a few months ago and she is responsible for all our recruitment processes.

One of the biggest reasons for hiring Monika was the fact that she believes in exactly the same values as our company. Together, we are sure that we can achieve the best results when we invest time and energy in developing our natural talents. As Monika, we are big fans of open communication and building companies and it’s internal rules on values.

For the last 8 years, Monika was doing HR in IT. She was responsible for recruiting candidates who best match the company’s needs and values, helping them grow and taking care of a safe and friendly environment to work. She is a mother of two almost grown-up kids and one crazy dog Ludwik 😉

Monika in Thaumatec will be a guardian of our internal, HR-related rules:

  • Mentoring and development – It is very important for us to support each employee with the individual development plan. Plus mentoring from seniors and professors from friendly universities.
  • Trust – Trust is a big value within Thaumatec. We are not policing the company, making sure everybody is at work on time, cleans up after themselves, and gives their best every day. We just trust in that.
  • Commitment – A commitment to the success of our customer’s project and business, commitment to the team effort, success and well-being and  to society
  • Relationship – Honesty, openness and pursuit of an authentic consensus as a foundation for building relationships between the brand and employees, partners and clients

We’ve asked her what her impressions are after two months.

Why did you decide to join Thaumatec?

There were two general reasons: First, I wanted to join a smart and fast-growing medium size company, because I wanted to use my previous experience in new processes. Second, I was looking for a place where people are involved in interesting and valuable projects

I have to admit, I have been very much impressed after the interview with the way of thinking and solving problems of my potential colleagues! 🙂

And what does it look like after two months?

I’m still impressed! When I’m talking to developers and testers they all are happy with projects they are involved in. They are taking part in creating, for example, medical solutions which definitely help people, or they work on security solutions which are the safest tools in the world.

Within the management board, we inspire each other, working with such experienced people cause we are able to work smooth and fast, doing proper things at the proper time.

To summarize – it was a very good decision!

What is the biggest plus of joining a smaller company?

You can have a real influence on shaping the strategy and daily activities of the company. You know all the people and they know you, they can trust you and you can trust them. You are working with a smaller amount of processes and they are only designed to make your work easier, not to complicate it. Thaumatec is definitely not the corporation. 

I can be engaged in many different projects – starting from recruitment, through employer branding and development, to end in managing the new office. 

For me, it’s a very interesting, fresh experience, every day something new is happening. 

Is it hard?

Not so, I’m still living my honeymoon! Everything is happening fast, every day is very intense, I need to switch from topic to topic and this makes me very excited. 

Why should people join Thaumatec?

If you like working in smaller companies, you enjoy the fact of having an influence on the business and fast changes – it’s definitely a place for you.

We care about openness, if something is wrong we discuss it immediately. We like creativeness, so it’s definitely a great place for you if you like to think outside the box! 

 If you want to meet Monika in person, we are currently recruiting people for positions of:

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