Taumatec HealthTech Academy has officially started!

We are extremely excited about 21 interns joining us for the next 2 months. They will work on 6 different projects with the start ups from the US, Germany, and Netherlands, and will be supported by dedicated mentors.

About the Thaumatec HealthTech Academy

Thaumatec HealthTech Academy is an interactive space for curious minds to explore how the Internet of
Things and Artificial Intelligence can improve people’s health, well-being, and quality of life.
At the Academy, people from all experience levels and skill sets come together to exchange knowledge and explore novel ways that the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence could be harnessed to improve people’s health, well-being, and quality of life.
What sets Thaumatec HealthTech Academy apart from other programs is our comprehensive training &
development program, open enrollment, online and in-person training options, and exceptional job placement training.

At the end of our program, graduates are well-rounded and ready to take part in more complex projects.

We are sure they will have a good time in the company and that the internship will be a great experience for them 😊

THAUMATEC TECH GROUP is member of the Medical Valley ecosystem

🤝 We are proud to announce that from today THAUMATEC TECH GROUP is member of the Medical Valley EMN e. V. ecosystem in the area of healthcare management 🤝

The Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg (EMN) Association is an internationally leading innovation ecosystem in the area of healthcare management.

➡Highly specialized research institutions, internationally leading and at the same time many growing companies are active here.

➡They cooperate closely with world-renowned health research institutions in order to jointly find solutions for the challenges of healthcare today and tomorrow.

➡ The Medical Valley ecosystem in the European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg allows fast and easy interaction with all relevant stakeholders.

💪 Another connected network to exchange experience and knowledge and grow HealthTech innovation and technology together and develop business ideas for a better tomorrow💪


 9th anniversary of THAUMATEC TECH GROUP

The 9th anniversary of THAUMATEC TECH GROUP was celebrated with a great cake and BIG tasty slices, as below.

The right sweet motivation which fosters THAUMA and TEC together.

Why Thaumatec?

We started with a name that combines what we set out to accomplish. “Thaum” (which is the basic unit of magic according to Terry Pratchett’s discworld) & Technology = Thaumatec and we have created Magic with Technology.

That is also why we asked muralszop again to create something magical in our office with a new mascot, the Thaumdraco.

All Thaumatec magicians will provide as well continue in the future the magic needed for excellent projects and products and Thaumdraco is watching.

We also can always very much appreciate other Experts who create magic and come and will join us too and get big cakes.

THAUMATEC TECH GROUP became partner of the Medical Technology Cluster in Austria

Thaumatec has been a partner of this cluster in Austria since February and will cooperate with the other members in exchanging information and projects and will take part in events in the DACH region. The potential and competencies of the partners are bundled in the medical technology cluster in order to increase the innovative strength and international competitiveness of our company.


The Medizin Technik Cluster MTC stands for networking, cooperation and innovation. It is the central interface between business, science and medicine. The aim is to bring together partners from all over Austria and Europe and to support or  initiate joint projects.

For Newcomers, Changers, Producers, Tier2, R&D-Institutions, Health-Institutions and Service providers.


Examples of MTC understanding of medical engineering:

  • Robotics, minimally invasive surgery
  • Electromedicine, biomedical measurement technology, monitoring
  • Biomechanics, development of prosthetics (endoskeletons and exoskeletons)
  • medical mechatronics
  • microsensors and microfluidics
  • Molecular Biology, Cellular & Tissue Engineering
  • Approval of medical devices, regulatory affairs
  • Digital health and eHealth

Start-ups and MTC

In cooperation with tech2b, MTCoffers an industry-specific start-up program for MedTech start-ups and spin-offs.


THAUMATEC TECH GROUP opened its new office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands! In recent years we serviced our Dutch customers from our Poland-based office; as demand is growing, we decided that we need a new space for our work and projects. 

Our Eindhoven office will be dedicated exclusively to attend our customers (or potential ones) and partners, to exchange ideas and knowledge to drive innovative and creative projects, and most of all to deliver operational services. We are aiming to bring all of our expertise as a HealthTech software house closer to the demand for it.

The Eindhoven office is operating in Dutch and will be run by Jan-Willem Deutekom, one of Thaumatic’s founding partners. We are all thrilled about the launch of our new office. It’s located in the heart of Eindhoven’s creative tech-hot spot. For our many Dutch clients, we have an office on their doorstep again, Jan-Willem says.

How to contact our new office in The Netherlands?

Phone: +31 6 4382 7711
Email: jan-willem.deutekom@thaumatec.com

Visiting address: Kastanjelaan 400 | 5616 LZ Eindhoven | the Netherlands

Welcome to the new shareholders of the THAUMATEC TECH GROUP

🎉Welcome to the new shareholders of the THAUMATEC TECH GROUP ! 🍾

Very proud to announce that today we signed the Thaumatec Employee Participation Program.

➡️ This is a program uniquely developed by Thaumatec, with which our employees can participate in the company.

➡️ The participation is available for employees that excel in their job and have shown a strong commitment in building the THAUMATEC TECH GROUP. 💪

➡️ Employees will benefit from the short- and long-term success of the company, just like any shareholder. 😁

Welcome to the first participants Maciej Stachura , Kamil Grabarczyk , Pawel Bryla , Dmytro Shestachuk , Jakub Piskorz , Michal Cisek , Łukasz Czechowski , Michał Rudowicz , Michał Chodzikiewicz , Paweł Adamek , Artur Szprync

Photo walk in our new office

It was always very important for us to work in outstanding places. We believe that a comfortable office can influence the way we work and live. That’s why our villa office, located in one of the most touristic places in Wrocław near Hala Stulecia, was an amazing place for work and entertainment – we spend there few years on developing projects and enjoying big garden.

But the time is moving fast and our company is growing. We needed a new place, where all our employees can have enough space and we were sure that once again it has to be the best office in the city.

That’s why, a few months ago we moved to our new office – an old but fully renovated tenement house in the heart of Wrocław, located on Lelewela 8 street. The place is way bigger than the previous one, giving us enough space for new people coming every month to our company.

We are more than happy that a few days ago we were visited by a photographer from local radio and our new headquarters became a hero of a “Photowalk” cycle on their website. The idea of the radio photo walks is to show a bit hidden, but still outstanding places in our city.

You can see those amazing pictures HERE!

If you are fascinated by the history of this building (as we are), you can see it’s past HERE!

Before and after the II world war, the building was a typical tenement house, being a hospitable home for many generations. Last residents moved from the building in 1986 and after 12 years, the building was fully renovated in 1998.

We believe that this amazing building will be now a comfortable office for us!

If you are interested in seeing those interiors with your own eyes – feel more than welcome to visit our office and drink the best coffee in the city with us.

Cover photo: Patrycja Dzwonkowska
Source: Page

Thaumatec Techgroup invests in Smart Healthcare start-up

We are very proud to announce that the Thaumatec Techgroup has reached yet another important milestone. We invested in the very innovative Smart Healthcare start-up, SmartQare BV

We have been a technology partner of smartQare since 2018, responsible for the development of the wearable health-care device according to the ISO 13485 quality standards.

We have decided to bring our relationship to the next level, because we believe in a business model which is based on long-term cooperation, involvement and responsibility for a common project. We want to reach beyond the traditional lines between a supplier and a customer – to become an equal partner in every endeavour.

Our partner smartQare is developing an intelligent armband, 24/7 connected to a health-care platform, that gives patients the freedom to manoeuvre and keep their autonomy, while being monitored to keep safe.

The highly innovative patient monitoring device measures and sends data on multiple vital functions to connected medical-aid workers, using the Internet of Things. Apart from parameters as heartbeat, oxygen saturation and skin temperature, the wearable has a fall detector and location determination.

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