Why LWM2M?

It's lightweight

Perfect for low-resource devices

It's modern

Consist modern architectural design based on REST

It's secure

Based on protocol and security standards from the IETF

It's using UDP/TCP

Using global standard solutions

What is LWM2M?

OMA SpecWorks’ LightweightM2M is a protocol for device management, designed especially for managing sensors, microcontrollers and machine to machine communication.

It’s dedicated to managing lightweight and low power or resources devices working in different network environments.

“Lightweight M2M enabler defines the application layer communication protocol between a LWM2M Server and a LWM2M Client, which is located in a LWM2M Device.”

About LWM2M

It was created by Open Mobile Alliance – the organization responsible for creating unified standards for the mobile industry.

Over 25 global companies are currently using LWM2M technologies in the process of developing their product or services. Due to interesting possibilites, this number is still growing.

OMA Lightweight M2M is designed to:

  • Provide Device Management functionality over sensor or cellular networks
  • Transfer service data from the network to devices
  • Extend to meet the requirements of most any application



Feel free to read all the available documents about LWM2M:

Read our LWM2M fundamentals

According to most of the forecasts presented by Forbes, IoT market is going to develop rapidly in the coming years. Some forecasts say that it will grow from $157B in 2016 to $457B in 2020. Such a rapid technology development requires huge work targeted at the unification of the ways we manage the billions of devices connected to the global network. Find out how Thaumatec is working on the integration of LWM2M protocol into communication between sensors and computers.

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