The story behind

Team Projects Conference

For a couple of years, Thaumatec has been sponsoring Team Projects Conference at the local University of Science and Technology; this year, Thaumatec helped to develop two student projects. One of the projects was LoRaMiG – LoRa Main Independent Gateway, which was chosen as the Best Hardware Project by the jury on the Team Project Conference. It was a great honor for us because the competition was tough and all the teams presented amazing devices. That’s why we have the need to mention the importance and more details of LoRaMig.

Thaumatec built the solar-powered Lora Gateway because we believe, that this device can solve a lot of global problems and help many businesses. LoRa is a low power, wide area networking protocol, designed to wirelessly connect battery operated devices to the Internet in regional, national or global networks. LoRa is the best solution for using a lot of sensors to monitor huge areas, for example, forests, crop fields and vast spaces. If we would have data from fire sensors from the whole forest we could predict it and prevent the destruction of natural environments. Another great use of solar-powered Lora Gateway is for optimizing agricultural results, an example of it would be measuring the humidity of soil for irrigation purposes and use less water.

The possibilties

Long range and low energy network

  • Long Range
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low-maintenance
  • Data safety
  • Powered by a photovoltaic panel
  • Weatherproof
  • Works without a service all year
  • Can be placed in the hard environment
  • Manageable from web application
  • Fire detection in forest
  • River condition monitoring – predict flood
  • Control and optimization of agricultural crops

The solution

Easy - to - use and mobile LoRa gateway

The core of LoRaMig is Raspberry Pi Zero and LoRaWAN Concentrator IC880A to provide LoRa communication. To connect with the Internet we use Wi-fi or GSM module. With Bluetooth, we can configure working parameters. In future we plan to improve device – install GNSS module, Gyroscope and Accelerometer module for monitoring position. Want to point out, that is the probably the first gateway powered by solar panel, that’s why LoRaMiG opens new possibilities for the Internet of Things. Currently, the new gateway will expand Thaumatec’s LoRa network coverage that is provided by gateways deployed at SM Arka and University buildings.


“We love when our projects are developing and improving new solutions for IoT. It’s possible that we will use LoRaMiG in practice. It means, that several devices of this type will support monitoring parking for buses in Wroclaw.”