Quality Assurance services

We are convinced that QA should be a mandatory part of a professional product development process. That is why our quality assurance specialists are working as an integral part of our delivery teams. We can also provide QA as a standalone service to work with the delivery teams of our customers. 

Assurance Process

In Thaumatec we believe that the QA is a mandatory element of every software development lifecycle. Quality assurance is not only testing but the complex process which needs to be prepared and executed to deliver a high-quality product to the end customer. To keep the highest standards in Quality Assurance, in Thaumatec, certified engineers are doing that.

Our Quality Assurance approach is based on the combination of testing techniques appropriately selected for the particular software development project. We believe in Test Automation and strive to make sure that manual testing is applied solely to customer expectations validation, if at all. That is why Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment approaches are widely used during project realizations for our customers which rises quality and optimizes costs.



High-quality standards are crucial for embedded industry, sometimes safety-critical systems must even be enforced by standards and laws.

Our test automation process, helps us to deliver your project faster, keep the highest quality of the code and discover all the issues as early as possible. Thanks to that, we are able to reduce the manual work during the development process. 

Our quality assurance methodology improves embedded development productivity and gives the customer an opportunity to perform comprehensive product testing.



Thaumatec recommends that all the system integration and testing tasks are automated using continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) approach. Thaumatec has extensive experience with setting up CI/CD pipelines for embedded projects that cover a complete delivery cycle.

The ultimate objective of the CI/CD setup is an automated “one-click” source code to test report setup hooked up to actions on source code repository

Quality Assurance

Thanks to the certificates of our employees, we can deliver high quality of our testing services:

  • Foundation level:
    • Certified Tester
  • Advanced level:
    • Test Manager
    • Technical Test Analyst
  • Professional Testing with Python
Standard Process

Quality assurance in the project is provided by a variety of means, according to the standard Thaumatec’s software development processes and recommendations:

  • Source Code Test Coverage
  • Unit and Integration Test Coverage
  • Technical backlog tracking
  • Issue tracking 
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Data-driven Testing (DDT)
  • Code Reviews
  • Test Automation
  • KPI’s
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