The story behind

Applying Internet of Things in facility management

Hago Next is a cleaning company that puts innovation as one of its pillars to deliver the best sustainable cleaning solutions for its end customers.

With technology supporting its employees, Hago Next provides full transparency in price and process, with the guarantee of a clean working environment. Being an innovative company, Hago Next was looking for a partner to provide them with solutions to capture the full potential of the Internet of Things development. As a System Integrator, Thaumatec has the expertise on the whole spectrum of Internet of Things technologies. With a wide experience in embedded software, wireless connectivity and mobile applications, Thaumatec was able to act as the one stop shop for Hago Next with a smart security solution.

The challenge

To provide security for workers

The company provides cleaning services in many different public places, including trains and train stations. On occasions, the employees experience harassment from persons present in those locations.

Hago Next posed the question how technology could be used to protect their employees better and how they could call for help quickly, without risking escalating the situation. We developed a smart security solution for them.

The solution

Safety watch with a silent alarm

Based on a standard SmartWatch, Thaumatec developed different smart security features that enable employees to send a silent alarm to the central operations room and get a silent reply that help is on the way. By making this a silent feature, the employee avoids that the situation is escalating due to the fact that help has been called in. Having this features build in a SmartWatch makes sure the employees always have it at the close call.


“With some adjustments to already existing technologies, a totally new solution has been developed serving to increase the security of the cleaning personnel of Hago Next.”