I want to extend my team with capacity or know-how

The Challenge

It is projected that from 2021 Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence will get out of the hype and into fulfilling the promise of its full potential. Technology is not the limiting factor for innovation and new successful business models. It is the speed at which you can mobilize this know-how and the capacity to capture the possibilities of IoT and AI. Companies will never be able to do that alone, you need experienced partners for that

The Solution

Our team of experienced engineers can quickly and efficiently provide the manpower and know-how you need. Our team is flexible and can be assigned to your project for a short or long period. The assigned engineers will become part of your team for the duration required or work based on clearly defined work packages. All our engineers have extensive experience working remotely in an international setting.

To ensure that cooperation is successful, we follow a 10-step approach:

For more background information how successfully co-operate internationally, please see our Blogpost:

10 steps to successfully start international cooperation




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Smart healthcare

​Smart healthcare is one of the toughest but also fastest growing industries. A Silicon Valley start-up with a strong background in medical surgery and Thaumatec…
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Smart streetlight system

The City of Amsterdam has been very actively engaged in smart city development. Upgrading the street lighting infrastructure with new technology was high on the…
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Mobile LoRa gateway

Thaumatec built the solar-powered Lora Gateway because we believe, that this device can solve a lot of global problems and help many businesses.
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Wrocław the smart(est) city

Thaumatec has a strong partnership with top-class universities like Wrocław University of Technology and Science and the most respected business networks like DSP Valley from…
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Smart robot for elderly care

​AI is the most exciting field ever, especially since the creation of robots. Thaumatec was lucky (and qualified) to be assigned to work on a…
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Smart sleep tracker

The consequences of sleeping deprivation can affect many, so a solution was formed for this problem and Thaumatec helped in the making. Read our story…
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LoRa Communication Module for Drones

LoRa communication module for drones Lora is one of the most promising IoT technologies that deliver communication for areas where availability of power grid is…
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Biometric identity

Biometric identity products deliver effortless, fast, and highly accurate biometric enrollment and identification. Designed for high throughput identification and verification, in other words, these products…
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Smart security system

Hago Next, a cleaning company that provides services to public places like train stops, was searching for the ideal partner to provide them with IoT…
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