Why Yocto?

It's fast

And offers faster time-to-market of your project

It's simple

Easy deploy on other hardware

It's widespread

Standard solution for all of the industry

It's secure

Actively maintained and regularly updated by broad team of contributors

What is Yocto?

Yocto Project was designed to help developers create custom Linux systems for embedded products for all kind of hardware. And it’s open source!

The project consists of a developers-dedicated set of tools and a common space to share the latest technologies, software stacks, configurations and best practices.

The project is supported financially by embedded and IoT leaders but remains independent.

Yocto Resources

Feel free to read all the available documents about Yocto:

Read our Yocto fundamentals

Embedded systems are getting more and more sophisticated, performing more complex tasks. To shorten time to market, embedded Linux distributions are used as a base environment for the newly developed product. While there is a big convenience of having the system set up quickly, the overall complexity of the solution is the price. This means additional work for platform maintenance is required. Another level of complexity is added by the need to develop and maintain multiple product configurations that could cover systems of different size and even hardware architecture.

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