Safety and Security

One of the biggest challenges and responsibilities of institution is to provide safety and security. The development of modern technologies like wireless communication and IoT made it much simpler.

Thaumatec have broad experience in developing safety and security solutions to the places where its most needed – like airports, public services or simply – smart home security.

How modern technologies
influence our safety?

Smart technologies influenced the safety and security industry. Thanks to the development of monitoring systems, movement sensors, iris, fingerprints, and documents scanners we don’t need any more so many people involved in various security processes.

The work of those devices is usually more detailed and faster than human, it’s also impossible for example to bribe them. For example, airports are using different access systems to make flow of the travelling people smoother. Right now, every car produced in the EU needs to have an e-call system who will call for help in case of the accident. 

The importance of smart security systems is even more visible nowadays, during the epidemy of COVID19 – it becomes a challenge to find people showing symptoms of the virus in the crowd. Thanks to temperature sensors or cameras it’s easier to find them and to reduce spreading of the virus in societies and buildings – for example hotel TV.

We can only imagine that in the future this influence will be even bigger and smart security systems will influence every area of our activities – health, work and transport.

Our safety and security

In the last few years, our experienced team of developers, created solutions for many different customers from the safety and security industry. Most of them contained:

  • Digital authentication
  • Security of personal data
  • Secure user/data management on the backend
  • Contactless payments
  • Biometric solutions
  • Internet of Things devices
  • Safe Internet browsing and file storage
Our experience
safety and security


Our team was responsible for the development of the HW and SW (including WEB application), architecture development, project management, integration and testing, HW bring up and debugging of prototype PCBs.

Advanced algorithms, reliable measurements and testing against the warning thresholds to early signaling of clinical deterioration of patients. Healthcare professionals are given the opportunity to provide ‘Just-in-Time’ the right care in the right place, which increases the chance of healthy recovery of the elderly and shortens hospital (re)admissions


Our client, a Silicon Valley-based company, designs and distributes products and solutions for biometric identification and asked us to support their new system for mobile registration, identification, and verification.
The solution from Client combines the world’s leading smartphone devices with advanced face, fingerprint, and iris biometrics to power enrollment and authentication. Smaller, more intuitive, more powerful, and now featuring a unique approach to multi-platform, multi-generation support.


Thaumatec developed the PoC in 2 revision phases and was responsible for the design, PoC HW production, Implementation, Integration and testing. Field-tested in Den Haag area using KPN’s LoRaWAN network.

The Solution consists of a LoRa WAN tracker solution, Tampering/theft-protection (Report of tamper attacks) and a Monitoring application. Additional rechargeable battery device version and a low-power powered version. It included a data backend for follow-on equipment, location store and map visualization via WEB application

we work?

Hago Next is a cleaning company that positions innovation as one of its pillars to deliver the best sustainable cleaning solutions for its end customers. With technology supporting its employees, Hago Next provides full transparency in price and process, with the guarantee of a clean working environment.

The company provides cleaning services in many different public places, including trains and train stations. On occasions, the employees experience harassment from persons present in those locations. Hago Next posed the question how technology could be used to protect their employees better and how they could call for help quickly, without risking escalating the situation. We developed a smart security solution for them.

Based on a standard smartwatch, Thaumatec developed different smart security features that enable employees to send a silent alarm to the central operations room, so that silently and immediately they receive help.

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